10 Beginner Tips for Path Of Titans (2023)

With the recent release ofWay of the TitansOn Xbox and PlayStation, console dinosaur fanatics could finally take part in the prehistoric Big Lizard MMORPG. The game challenges players to grow their chosen dinosaur from hatchling to adult in a survival-based open-world experience.

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Growing up is a tough time, especially when it comes to eat or be eaten for our dino friends. It might be quite a daunting thought venturing into the vast land of Panjura for the first time, but there are a few things to consider that can make those first steps a little bit easier.

10 Run Dino Run

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Choosing this first dinosaur can be tricky should players choose theirsDarling from Jurassic Worldor maybe the one who looks the meanest?

Well, one thing to keep in mind is the inWay of the Titansthere is no fast travel. That's right, dinosaurs had to go everywhere, and on a 8km by 8km map, there's a lot to do on foot. When choosing your first dinosaur, make sure your stamina is high, energy runs out quickly, and dinosaurs don't want to be out of breath while being stalked by cravingsTyrannosaurus Rex.

9 Proceed carefully!

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Lots of things can damage players on the prehistoric road to adulthood, other dinosaurs forgetting to breathe underwater and yes, they fall.

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It's easy to be hiking on a trail when suddenly a giant droplet appears out of nowhere. It would be ideal not to test the evolution of dinosaurs yet. A fall from most heights above the player's height will result in injury or, in the worst case, death. Be careful at each step as losing markers and growing progress can hamper progress and falls are very easy to commit.

8 Eat in moderation

Good health tips say eat in moderation, and that applies here too. Unlike other survival games likeDread Hunger, there are no weather elements to fight against, only food, water and other dinosaurs. Eating and drinking are really essential for survivalWay of the Titansbut wait until prompted.

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Yes, players can eat whenever they feel the need for a refill and drink when the water meter goes down. The trick to making the gauges beneficial is to wait for the on-screen prompt to either eat or drink. Persevere and then satisfy the dinosaur needs, which will reward you with 60 marks and some growth progress. In order to reach adulthood quickly, eating or drinking before the prompt every time will result in missing out on those rewards.

7 Don't follow

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In-game quests are crucial to successfully raising dinosaurs. Completing these will give you some grades and growth progress. As with any open-world game, taking on lots of quests is often the best way to level up quickly.

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That agreesWay of the TitansIn addition, quests can be pursued simultaneously. However, having many quests can be confusing as to which ones the player is heading towards. So the best advice is not to follow them, yes, not following these more distant quests will allow you to focus more clearly on the task at hand, which will make things much easier to complete.

6 solo game

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Way of the Titansis primarily a game to be enjoyed with others. Nothing comes close to living in prehistoric times like roaming Panjura with up to 200 other players.

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Finding your way in the vast plains and mountainous regions of the map can be difficult. HappilyWay of the Titanshas a single player option. It may not look like itthe best choice in an MMORPG, but try first, this allows for better range of land, learn about the terrain and become familiar with the movements and actions available.

5 do things

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The main goal for players inWay of the Titansis to breed selected dinosaurs from young animals to adults. In order to get to an adult terrible lizard it is necessary to fill the growth meter and go through each stage.

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The best way to get a giant dino is by completing quests and exploring the map. Quests will reward players with growth and marks, all of which are essential to surviving in the Panjura wilderness. Exploring the map, which quite often comes with a timed quest, is another great option as it allows for new location discovery as well as growth bar progression.

4 Automatic dino mode

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So players may have realized that it takes time to reach locations in Panjura. Dinosaurs have an endurance meter that drains as you run, some will drain faster than others and should be carefully monitored.

However, running will get you to the quest or goal faster, and this can be made even easier. Autorun is a feature that allows the player to control the turning movements of the dino, the game will take care of the rest. Players will travel a lotWay of the Titansand when autorun is enabled, things become much easier.

3 Spend wisely

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Tokens are the in-game currencyWay of the Titans, they can be used to buy a variety of things. Skins, abilities, and even cave decorations can be purchased with tokens.

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It's very temptingMake these dinosaurs look like the flashiest creatures in the realm. Decorating the home cave to taste is another money sink that is a waste for beginners. Instead, use marks to upgrade skills. The ability to defend and attack in a fight is essential to progressing to the adult stages, and a nice lair won't keep this Spinosaurus or other enemies at bay.

2 quiet please

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One of the fun features of the game is the ability to use voice cues to communicate like a real dinosaur. From a menacing roar to an affectionate hiss, these options add a great sense of realismWay of the Titansdino fun

Before it comes to the forestBlast roars like an 18 wheeler on the freeway, A word of warning. Other players will actively hunt for fun. The easiest way to spot new prey is when they walk around stretching their vocal cords. So in the early stages, remember to be careful to use the vocal abilities and avoid getting bitten.

1 better together

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Well, a previous tip says to try the single player to learn the lay of the land.This is the opposite, bring a friend.

Panjura can be a quiet and peaceful place for like-minded dinosaur enthusiasts, but it can also be full of angry dinos looking for a scrap.

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Working with a friend is a great way to discourage Mr. T-Rex from making a solo walker his next meal. If players don't have anyone they know to play with, try the chat feature and see if anyone is looking for a group. Safety in figures Dino friends.

Way of the Titansis available now for PC, Android and iOS and will be released on July 27th for PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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