Best Microfiber Towels for Cars in 2022: Ratings and Reviews (2023)

Best Microfiber Towels for Cars in 2022: Ratings and Reviews (1)

Tired of going through a seemingly endless list of extra steps just to dry your car after washing it?

If this is a recurring problem for you, you may need to make some massive changes to your car washing routine - or you could just be missing a few effective microfiber towels!

Choosing the right microfiber car cleaning towel can make all of this easier and more efficient, just the way it should be. They can also eliminate the need for extra muscle to achieve the perfect shine — and who says no to that?

Despite the fact that they don't seem like the most complicated products for your car, there are a lot of things you should know and consider about microfiber towels to help you choose the right product when shopping.

In this article, we're going to cover the pros and cons of these scientific marvels and exactly why they're a must-buy.

We will also cover the different types of microfiber towels available and what exactly to look for in these products.

Finally, we will review what we believe are the best of the best microfiber towels on the market today for all your car care needs.

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  • 1 What are microfiber towels and why do you need them?
  • 2 Why microfiber towels are essential for car owners
  • 3 What to Look for in Microfiber Car Towels (And What to Avoid)
  • The 4 best microfiber towels - a closer look at our top picks
    • 4.1 Chemical Guys Professional Microfiber Cloths
    • 4.2 Zwipes microfiber cleaning cloths
    • 4.3 Supreme Shine Microfiber Drying Towels by Meguiar
    • 4.4 Royal reusable microfiber towels
    • 4.5 Chemical Guys Waffle Towel
    • 4.6 Kirkland Signature Microfiber Cloths
    • 4.7 SimpleHouseware Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • 5 How to use a microfiber cloth
  • 6 Taking care of your microfiber towels
  • 7. Conclusion

Now that we've got that out of the way, let's get started with our microfiber towel buying guide:

What are microfiber towels and why do you need them?

Microfiber cleaning towels are made from a combination of two fibers - polyester and polyamide (or nylon - known to be highly resistant to damage from chemicals and oils).

The actual ratio of each fiber combination varies, but generally it is a blend of 80 percent polyester and 20 percent polyamide, or a blend of 70 percent polyester and 30 percent polyamide.

The ratios usually indicate where the microfiber car towel comes from, with Asia making the 80/20 blend and the EU making the 70/30 blend.

The 70/30 blend used to be considered super absorbent (at least a significantly more absorbent towel than the 80/20 blend), but with today's technological advances, both blends differ only slightly in performance and price.

When you use these, the polyester and polyamide fibers separate due to their different surface tension. This creates tiny sharp edges, ridges and ridges that make the towel ideal for cleaning, absorbing water and retaining dirt particles.

These tensions, also known asof the Walloon Armed Forces, are the same ones that allow geckos and other lizards to climb walls effectively.

Because towels are made up of millions of these tiny fibers, they're great for removing particles as small as bacteria and microbes. However, it should be noted that these are unlikely to be effective at eliminating viral strains.

When we think of a good cleaning, we mostly think of brushes with thick bristles that can really scrub down to the surface. However, if you think about it carefully, the microscopic fibers in these towels can attach themselves to some of the smallest particles of dirt.

A single microfiber filament is tiny, weighing less than a denier. For comparison and in case you don't know what that means, that's half the diameter of a silk fiber! Other cloths, like terry towels, just glide over those pesky dirt particles without a second thought.

Because of their unique properties, microfiber towels are preferred by hospitals and other medical facilities for cleaning purposes.

They are also extremely porous and can sometimes carry seven times their own weight. Not only are they durable, they also dry quickly - a big plus if you want to wash your car and save as much time as possible.

In addition, their unique blend prevents swirls and scratches on all types of delicate surfaces, including your vehicle's paintwork, plastic bumpers and windows.

Why microfiber towels are essential for car owners

There's no question that a microfiber detailer towel is a great item for general cleaning and drying purposes, but how does that apply to maintaining your car?

Well, if you plan on maintaining your own car at a high level and cleaning it regularly, or if you're looking for something a little more advanced (perhaps taking your drive to car shows?), then this should definitely be one of the most important automotive items you'll ever need should have on hand.

Microfiber car detailing towels can be used on a variety of surfaces and because they dry quickly they are very versatile. You can quickly finish washing and drying the body of your car and then proceed directly to drying the windows and interior.

In short, microfiber towels are the go-to choice in many body shops and dealerships because of all of the above - and because they're so effective at creating a swirl and providing a streak-free clean.

Also keep in mind that because they pick up water and dirt so easily, they take on the job of washing and drying carsso muchmore quickly. Time is running out!

What to look for in microfiber car towels (and what to avoid)

While all car detailing microfiber towels are essentially the same, theThe size and density of their fibers is not always the same. This may not seem like a big deal, but it's definitely something to keep in mind.

Thicker, denser fibers result in heavier and softer towels. Thinner, lighter fibers make for thinner.

Both types can be very beneficial, with each type being superior depending on the task at hand, so it pays to know which one to choose and when to choose it. This usually depends on what type of surface you want to clean.

In some cases, these wipes are rated by GSM or grams per square meter. Typically, the higher the GSM rating, the better the cloth is for sensitive surfaces such as windows, mirrors, or the paintwork of a car.

If you want to clean the plastic areas of your car or other areas that are not easily scratched, a cloth with a lower GSM number works best in these cases.

When shopping for microfiber towels for your car, look for loop-weave fibers as these tend to be of a much higher quality. Loop-woven rags make it much easier to grab dirt, resulting in optimal cleaning performance.

If you're not sure if a microfiber towel is loop-woven because the manufacturer didn't state this on the packaging or in the product description online, there's a little test you can do to find out for yourself.

Take the microfiber towel and run the fabric over your skin - if it grabs a little then it has a loop weave.

Even a high-quality towel absorbs water very well. If the microfiber towel you buy just pushes water around during use, it's most likely made from a poor quality material and you're better off looking for something else.

The best microfiber towels - a more detailed look at our top picks

Who knew it took so much to invest in choosing a simple piece of fabric? As it turns out, choosing these simple (yet effective) items can be a lot more complicated than you think.

Hopefully we have so far convinced you that microfiber cloths are the ideal cleaning cloth for you and your car.

We are now going to go through our reviews of what we think are the best microfiber car cleaning towels to help you decide which towel best suits your needs.

Chemical Guys Professional Microfiber Cloths

Best Microfiber Towels for Cars in 2022: Ratings and Reviews (2)

These Chemical Guys professional hand towels are great because they serve a dual purpose. One side has a short pile that is best used for buffing off unwanted products like wax, while the high pile on the other side is great for a streak-free finish.

There are no hard nylon edges with this product. Instead, it comes with silky smooth edges that help prevent scratches when cleaning your car.

The golden color of these towels also helps highlight dirt, so you'll know exactly when it's time to change towels or switch sides to prevent scratches.

To clean them, the manufacturer recommends using Chemical Guys' proprietary microfiber wash in hot water. The amount of detergent you need depends on the size of your load.

To dry, it is best to use low heat or air dry. Remember not to use fabric softeners or dryer sheets with these!

These come in three different sizes to choose from depending on your needs, as well as different quantities: you can choose to buy just one wipe or packs of 3, 6 or 12.

These microfiber towels are made of 70 percent polyester and 30 percent nylon.

manufacturer specifications

  • Dual-Weave-Design.
  • silk border.
  • Bright yellow color.
  • Exceptional softness.
  • 70/30 mix.
  • Three sizes.

what we like

  • Dual purpose to make polishing and cleaning a one time job.
  • The bright gold color clearly indicates dirt to indicate when it should be changed or cleaned.
  • Soft microfiber edges prevent scratches.
  • Various towel sizes available.
  • Sold individually or in multipacks.

What we don't like

  • Can tend to detach after repeated use.
  • The label on the towel can scratch surfaces if not removed.


If you're looking for something to get rid of all the contaminants inside and out of your car, these towels are great.

Since they are double sided and each side has its own purpose, you don't have to worry about buying more than one type of towel.

Their silk-lined edges also ensure a quality finish, giving you the peace of mind of not having to worry about stains left by most other types of fabrics.

To learn more about Chemical Guys microfiber towels, click here.

Check price on Amazon

Zwipes microfiber cleaning cloths

Best Microfiber Towels for Cars in 2022: Ratings and Reviews (3)

No one wants to see scuffs or scratches on their car after cleaning - this is a whole different round of repairs that no one looks forward to.

These Zwipes wipes are a great choice if you're concerned that abrasive wipes could damage your shiny paintwork. They're made from plush microfiber and are super soft, so they're unlikely to leave a mark.

Zwipe's microfiber towels are capable of holding eight times their weight in water while still maintaining the quick-drying quality that microfiber towels are well known for.

These cleaning wipes are available in packs of 12, 24, 36 or 48 and each pack of wipes comes with three different colors so you can color code each for a specific use. Or, if you're anything like me, I just love a varied color collection!

These microfiber towels can also be easily washed and reused. Many companies boast of reusable products, but not all products stand the test of time.

Many microfiber towels on the market today tend to fray and lose their attractiveness after just a few washes, so they're not exactly durable.

The great thing, however, is that they can withstand up to 500 washes (according to the manufacturer's description), which is ideal for any of you frugal Freddies out there!

To maintain the high quality of this microfiber towel, it is recommended that you wash it regularly in cold or warm water and only air dry (or tumble dry) on the lowest setting. You should also make sure to empty your dryer's lint trap before you start washing.

You should never use dryer sheets or any additional cleaning supplies to clean these towels. This can cause irreparable damage to the cloth, so always keep this in mind.

manufacturer specifications

  • Plush, super soft microfiber towel.
  • Different colors in the pack.
  • 110,000 fibers per square inch.
  • Lint and streak-free cleaning.
  • Holds eight times its weight in water.
  • Washable and reusable.
  • Size: 12 inch x 16 inch.
  • Shipping in frustration-free packaging.

what we like

  • The package contains several towels in different colors.
  • Streak-free cleaning.
  • Long lasting.
  • Various uses for car and household.

What we don't like

  • Must be washed before first use to reduce fine fibers left behind.
  • Cloths are thinner than many other brands.


All in all, these Zwipes towels are a great option if you're looking for something that makes cleaning as easy as possible. Plus, if you're a worry wart and the idea of ​​streaks and scratches terrifies you, then one application of this will calm you down.

The fact that these cloths come in three colors is also useful for color coding cleaning tasks.

Their promise of longer use, even after multiple washes, makes these an excellent option for anyone looking for durable microfiber towels, especially if you want the most bang for your buck.

If you like what you have read about Zwipes Microfiber Cloths so far and would like more information about them, click on this link to find out more.

Check price on Amazon

Meguiar's Supreme Shine Microfiber Drying Towels

Best Microfiber Towels for Cars in 2022: Ratings and Reviews (4)

For those of you who want quick results and don't like the thought of spending a whole morning washing and drying your car, these microfiber towels from Meguiar's are a great choice for you.

They absorb twice as much as traditional terry towels, which significantly speeds up drying time.

These towels are also beautifully soft, making them a great choice for a streak-free clean. Feel free to use them on your windows or any other delicate surface you're particularly concerned about damaging - they almost guarantee a great result.

Meguiar's Supreme Shine wipes work well for removing compounds, polishes, waxes and spray detailers (if you care about car detailing at all).

This property makes them very good all-round multi-purpose towels. They can be used to clean your car, wax polish, polish and any other item you have used on your car - whether inside or outside your vehicle.

They are reusable and come in a pack of three large wipes.

These microfiber towels are also safe for the washing machine, but you should still follow the general care instructions we talked about above to do your part in making sure they last as long as possible.

manufacturer specifications

  • Leaves a swirl-free, mirror-like finish on your surfaces.
  • Scratch-resistant edges.
  • QuicklyRemove polish and waxfrom paint.
  • 3 Pack
  • Size: 24 inches x 16 inches.
  • 300 GSM.

what we like

  • plush texture.
  • Can be used on the exterior and interior of the car.
  • Good for buffing off detergents.
  • Free of streaks and twists.

What we don't like

  • Sometimes it leaves lint on the first few uses.
  • May not be as durable as some of the other microfiber towels out there.
  • Could fray easily.


For those of you who want quick results when polishing and cleaning, these towels may be just the thing for you. They are great for getting the job done quickly and giving your surfaces a super shiny finish.

We particularly admire the fact that these microfiber towels are strong enough to ensure a good clean, yet delicate enough to use on both the outside and inside of your vehicle without causing any damage.

However, be sure to take proper care of these towels as they tend to fray easily if not cared for properly.

Think Meguiar's Supreme Shine towels might be the right choice for you? To learn more about them, click here.

Check price on Amazon

Royal reusable microfiber towels

Best Microfiber Towels for Cars in 2022: Ratings and Reviews (5)

Not sure if you should use the same clothcleaning your tiresand your window at the same time? Then these might be a good choice for you. Each pack contains three different colors, so you can use specific colors for different purposes.

Royal microfiber towels are unique in that they are made from a blend of 90% polyester and 10% nylon. This special blend makes the wipes soft enough for baby's delicate skin, so you don't have to worry about streaks or scratches on your car when using them.

These microfiber towels also absorb up to 10 times their weight in water.

As the name suggests, these wipes are reusable and washable. They also come in packs of 24 or 48, which is great if you plan on stocking up on microfiber towels in bulk anyway.

manufacturer specifications

  • 24 or 48 pack.
  • Packs contain 3 colors: white, yellow and blue.
  • High absorption.
  • Size: 12 inches by 16 inches.
  • 250 GSM.

what we like

  • Absorbs 10 times its weight.
  • Can use different colors for different purposes.
  • The larger size makes them suitable for vehicles of most (if not all) shapes and sizes.
  • Soft enough for the most delicate tasks.

What we don't like

  • Much thinner than many others.
  • At the time of writing this article, they are only available in bulk packs. First check for yourself if this has changed as you read this.


All in all, these are great for anyone who likes to stay organized. If you want to use specific cloths for specific jobs, the fact that these come in three different colors will make your life a lot easier.

They are also versatile and have many uses around the home, not just in the car.

However, at the time of this writing, they are only available in packs of 24 or 48. You may not want or need that many wipes overall, so chances are you have a lot left over that you need to store.

On the plus side, you don't have to buy new ones every month!

More details on Royal's reusable microfiber towels can be found here.

Check price on Amazon

Chemical Guys Waffle Weave Towel

Best Microfiber Towels for Cars in 2022: Ratings and Reviews (6)

This Chemical Guys product has patented waffle grooves to trap dirt much more efficiently than other microfiber towels on the market. This makes it a perfect option for some of the more advanced tasks, such as B. the preparation of a car exhibition.

It's also a quick car drying towel, and the company boasts streak-free cleaning.

While regular microfiber towels use shorter strands, waffle weave microfiber towels are unique in that they use square ridges to trap dirt and absorb liquids.

To simplify things, Chemical Guys likens waffle tissue to the difference between eating pancakes or waffles.

With pancakes, the syrup drips right off the pancake. With microfiber waffles, on the other hand, the syrup digs into the grooves. So this is how the waffle weaving technique got its name!

This towel also has the same silk edges as the Chemical Guys professional towels discussed at the beginning of this list, so you don't have to worry about fraying.

It is also machine washable and can be used over and over again over a long period of time, provided of course that it is cared for properly.

This towel is larger than some of the others that deserve a spot on this list, measuring in at 36 inches by 25 inches. However, this larger size makes it ideal for owners of large vehicles such as SUVs and minivans.

manufacturer specifications

  • Waffle Groove Design.
  • silk border.
  • Size: 36 inches x 25 inches.
  • 70/30 mix.
  • Machine washable.

what we like

  • Waffle grooves drain water easily.
  • Silk edges for durability.
  • Larger cloth to cover more surface.

What we don't like

  • A single pack of product is not economical for everyone.
  • Not as soft as some other products


For anyone looking for something with a quick drying time, consider this towel. Due to its unique waffle design, water and dirt are quickly vacuumed up with just a swipe or two.

Like the other Chemical Guys products on our list, it also has high-quality silk edges to ensure it doesn't fray, which is a huge bonus.

Some people might find this towel a little less absorbent than others, so keep that in mind if you're looking for a super plush item.

For more information about this towel, click on the link below.

Check price on Amazon

Kirkland Signature Microfiber Towels

Best Microfiber Towels for Cars in 2022: Ratings and Reviews (7)

If you are a bulk buyer, you should check these out. These Kirkland Signature Ultra Plush Towels come in a pack of 36 and are machine washable so you don't have to worry about restocking regularly.

These towels also boast of being ultra plush and of premium microfiber quality.

They're made from high-pile microfiber, so they're great for just about any surface you choose to work on, as they won't scuff or scratch your pride and joy. Because of their high density, they're also great for absorbing virtually any liquid, including oils.

Because of their high pile, they are easy to handle. You don't need to use special soaps or detergents as they can get the job done with just a little water.

They are made from a blend of 80 percent polyester and 20 percent polyamide and are 16 inches square.

manufacturer specifications

  • 36er-Pack.
  • High pile fiber.
  • 80/20 mix.
  • Machine washable.
  • Size: 16 inches square.

what we like

  • Several products in the pack.
  • Good weight and density.
  • Double-sided stack is good for various purposes.
  • Absorbs most (if not all) liquids including oils.

What we don't like

  • Color might be when washing.
  • The cloths may discolour after a few washes.


If you are a bulk buyer looking for a quality microfiber towel then these ultra plush towels could be the right option for you. You are certainly a crowd favorite for many!.

We especially like these because they can hold so much. Just be careful not to wash them with your favorite shirts - it won't end very well!

To learn more about Kirkland Signature microfiber towels, click on the link below.

Check price on Amazon

SimpleHouseware Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Best Microfiber Towels for Cars in 2022: Ratings and Reviews (8)

This is another excellent option for all the bulk buyers out there. They come in packs of 20, 50, or even a whopping 150 (!) if you need a whole bunch of them.

Each pack contains four different colors - Green, Yellow, Blue and Orange. You can color code the car cleaning tasks or just use a different color for different purposes around the house if you are super organized.

SimpleHouseware microfiber towels measure 12" x 16" and can absorb up to eight times their weight in water.

Each cloth is ultra-soft and abrasion-resistant, making it strong enough to get the job done but delicate enough not to leave unwanted scratches.

The wipes are made from a blend of 85 percent polyester and 15 percent nylon microfiber. They are washable and reusable and it is recommended that you wash them before first use to ensure no fabric transfers onto your car.

manufacturer specifications

  • Available in packs of 20, 50 or 150 pieces.
  • Blend of 85% polyester, 15% nylon.
  • Size: 12 inches by 16 inches.
  • Green, yellow, blue and orange.
  • 250 GSM.

what we like

  • Available in smaller and large bulk packs.
  • Different colors can be used to color code different cleaning tasks.
  • Non-abrasive.
  • Budget friendly and affordable.
  • Also ideal for use in the home, not just for cars.

What we don't like

  • Not as absorbent as some other products.
  • Very thin material.


All in all these are ideal if you want to be sure you have enough wipes on your shelf.

These are also practical because the colors they come in are perfect for assigning them to specific purposes, not just car cleaning.

This is a lifesaver for all the super organized people out there who like to keep everything for its own purpose.

Are you interested in the SimpleHouseware microfiber cloths and would you like to know more about them? Click this link to take a closer look at this product and see what others have to say about it.

Check price on Amazon

How to use a microfiber cloth

Always remember that while they dry quickly, you don't always have to soak them in soap and water before use. These towels can be used dry or slightly damp and should still get the job done efficiently.

If you are trying to dust a surface because it has dirt or other debris on it, you can simply wipe the surface with the towel. For another more intensive cleaning, it is recommended to spray water on the surface you want to clean and then use your towel.

Nobody wants to deal with streaks and scuffs when cleaning glass, mirrors and windows, right? Due to their streak-free properties, a simple wipe down with a damp towel should be enough to give your windshield and mirrors that perfect shine we're all looking for.

Taking care of your microfiber towels

With microfiber cloths, it is important that you clean them thoroughly after each use. Microfiber towels that are regularly used to dry your car also need maintenance. If you don't do this, dirt and other debris will reduce the efficiency and lifespan of the product.

Microfiber towels are relatively easy to clean and it's usually a straightforward process, but there's still a right way to do it.

First things first: Make sure any microfiber towels you use on your car are labeled as machine washable by the manufacturer. If they're not compatible with washing machines, you'll hate having to hand wash them!

You can put them straight into the washing machine, but be sure to wash them separately and only use liquid detergent, not powder.

You should never use bleach or fabric softener as this will damage the fibers and loosen them to the point where they are no longer as effective. Vinegar should also be avoided as it also tends to break down the fibers.

Microfiber towels should be washed in warm water on a standard wash cycle.

Once they're ready to be put in the dryer, make sure you only dry them on your dryer's low heat setting — or no heat at all. Using heat to dry microfiber products will cause the fibers to melt and also damage the fabric.

Alternatively, they can of course be air dried if you prefer. (Again, pay attention to the manufacturer's drying instructions, as these can vary drastically from one microfiber towel to another).

For detailed instructions on how to properly wash your microfiber towels, seethis article from HouseWifeHowTos.xom.

It is very important that you do this regularly and not slack off as you want your microfiber towels to last as long as possible before you have to buy new replacement parts for all your car wash needs.


Microfiber towels clearly have more to offer than meets the eye!

With that said we've gone through the top things you should know and now you have a comprehensive guide to finding the best microfiber towel on the market for all your car cleaning needs.

Our favorites from the ones we've reviewed are theseChemical Guys professional quality microfiber towels. We like these best because they last a long time and are completely streak-free (which is also what many car owners who use them swear by).

Their silk-lined edges do a great job of ensuring the cloth doesn't do unsuspecting damage to your vehicle during cleaning.

Do you already use microfiber towels for your car? Do you use any of the brands listed above? Or maybe you have some experiences that you would like to share with others about other brands' products that you have used before? Let us know below - we'd love to hear your questions, comments and concerns!

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