Can you charge Whoop without a battery? (Solved!) (2023)

Is your WHOOP running out of battery? Don't have the battery to charge? You may have left your Whoop's battery at home or the battery has died - obvious reasons to look for alternative methods of charging the device.

I was in the same situation a few days ago and was wondering if WHOOP could be charged without the battery after it somehow stopped working.

In short, there are no other alternative methods to charge your Whoop without the battery. But before you give up all hope, there are a few things to consider.

The ultimate intention of this guide is to help you understand why your WHOOP's battery has stopped working and what you can do to fix it. I hope this guide clears up any confusion you may have.

Let's dive in!

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Can you charge Whoop without a battery?

The simple answer is no. To charge your whoop strap, the battery must be slid onto your whoop. This is the only way to charge your whoop strap.

Can you charge Whoop without a battery? (Solved!) (1)

As mentioned earlier, the most common reason people look for alternative charging methods is that you left your battery at home or the battery has stopped working.

Completely different scenarios, right? Then what is the solution?

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First, if you left your battery at home, the only option is to get the battery. Because plugging in the battery pack is the only way to charge the device.

On the other hand, if your battery suddenly stopped working, you might still be able to get it working again. However, you need to know some troubleshooting methods to get started.

But how can you tell if your Whoop Battery Pack has stopped working? It is best to observe the LEDs on the battery pack. The battery pack uses LEDs to indicate the remaining charge level. So if your battery is discharged to 0%, the LED will show no pattern.

Next, connect the battery pack with the included USB-C cable and let it charge. It's all good if the LED on the battery pack is lit. If this is not the case, the battery is most likely defective.

Let's examine what's causing your battery pack not responding.

Can you charge Whoop without a battery? (Solved!) (2)


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Why isn't your whoop battery responding?

  • Your battery may have come into contact with water

Getting your battery wet can be one of the reasons why it stops responding. You may have unknowingly exposed your whoop battery to water, which is strictly not recommended.

Although the Whoop 4.0 battery is designed with waterproof properties, Whoop always recommends you not to carry your battery during water activities such as swimming in a pool or sea, washing hands, showering, raining, etc.

Here's an explanation from whoop support:

"Although the 4.0 battery pack can withstand a shower or get caught in the rain, we do not recommend members participating in water-based activities while charging their WHOOP."

Whoop support

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  • You may have received a defective battery

If you just bought your whoop strap and are having trouble with it, it's probably because you received a dead battery.

Many users have reported that the battery turns green but does not charge when aligned on the strap. In this case, the only possible solution is to get a replacement.

Tips to fix whoop battery not charging

Plug in the charging cable correctly

It could be your USB-C cable causing the whoop battery not to charge. Most likely, the cable isn't properly connected to the device - that's why you don't see any signs of charging. This usually happens when you insert the cable too easily or the cable has problems.

It's relatively easy to fix this issue by making sure the charging cable is securely connected to the battery pack and adapter. If that doesn't help, try connecting a different charging cable.

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Clean dirt stains inside the connector

Over time, dirt or lint collects over the charging contact and blocks the battery connection, limiting a good electrical connection.

You can fix this simply by cleaning the contacts with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab. Alternatively, you can have a toothpick and wrap a small amount of cotton around it. Then carefully clean the connection of the battery pack.

Note:Strictly DO NOT use water to clean the charging contacts.

Make sure the charging adapter or socket is fine

Sometimes the Whoop battery may not charge due to a faulty outlet or adapter. You can switch to a different charging socket to see if the problem persists.

To check if the adapter is having problems, try connecting it to other devices. If another device didn't charge, you can conclude that the adapter is defective.

Check for water damage

You can wear your whoop strap for water activities, but putting on the battery pack can be a bad decision. Although some of the batteries are water resistant, Whoop recommends its usersNotParticipate in water-based activities while charging their straps.

If by now you have unknowingly caused the damage, you can try soaking the water particles present in it. To do this, use air blowers to suck all the water out of the device.

There is no guarantee this will work. However, I believe you should always try to troubleshoot before buying new hardware.

Best tip:Get a new battery

If nothing helps, the most effective solution is to get a new battery.

I know it may sound pretty obvious. Because currently this is the only way to charge your whoop, so getting a new battery pack makes sense.

Note that the 4.0 battery pack is not compatible with WHOOP 3.0. Likewise, the 3.0 battery pack is not compatible with WHOOP 4.0. Buy the whoop strap that fits your whoop model.

Frequently asked questions about charging Whoop without a battery

What type of charger does WHOOP use?

The whoop strap uses a portable charger, also known as a battery pack. Note that the battery is charged separately by plugging it in with theUSB-C-Kabelprovided.

How do I charge Whoop without a battery?

Currently you can only charge your Whoop Strap with the Battery Pack. If your battery isn't working, get a new battery from the Whoop Store.

Does WHOOP need to be connected to the battery to charge?

Yes, you must connect the battery to your whoop strap to charge the device.

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