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It is very easy to see why these two words can be confused. First, they start with the root word pack in the same way. They are used in the same context, which is the packaging of products, and the people working in this industry can either pack items or package their goods.

Packaging is a big part of the retail and shipping world, but it's also finding its way into the home environment. How to tell the difference between these very similar concepts? There is perhaps a subtle difference in the function of the word in the context.

The packaging is used to protect the goods and the packaging is the presentation element and the protective cover. A closer look at each word and its functions will help understand the difference between the two and their meaning. There is a slight difference between using the word as an action and using the word as an object to be used. Wrapping and wrapper are both materials used for packaging, but their functions may differ.

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What is packaging?

Packing can be several things.

  • Packing is the material used to pack and protect goods in a container, especially in the shipping world.
  • Packing is the act performed by a person or machine to pack items for delivery. A person may also pack clothing and other goods for a vacation or moving to a new home.
  • Tamping is used in medical situations when bleeding can be stopped by tamping the wound with gauze or other surgical materials.
  • In the packaging industry, there are products such as "packing tape" that support the packaging process. Packing boxes and packing trays as well as pallets are also used.
  • Packaging refers to the process of packing certain products, such as meat, fruits and vegetables, ready for future sale in the food industry.
  • In the printing industry, the packaging provides the necessary pressure around the cylinder.
  • Packaging prepares a product for storage, and a packaging unit fits into a shipping container ready to hold a standard-sized quantity of product.
  • Packing is the act of packing or preparing a product to be shipped, stored or sold. Packaging is done to protect the goods with packaging or padding for protection.

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What is packaging?

Packaging is not just packaging, but the two sometimes go hand in hand.

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  • Packaging can also be used to protect products in transit, and packaging is done before items are packed into containers for shipment.
  • Packaging is used to present goods in an attractive way and to attract customers. Conspicuously packaged goods often sell better than unattractively packaged goods.
  • Packaging can serve specific purposes, such as B. Sealing goods with other forms of protection. There are different products used for this type of protective packaging such as bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard, shredded paper and foam padding.
  • Packing is also the process of preparing goods to be packed for shipment or other means of transportation.
  • Packaging is a specialized industry that involves protecting goods and promoting their value through clever marketing tools. Special packaging takes into account the size of the container and the protection needs of the content.
  • Packing is done at the factory prior to delivery into the shipping container for the packing process.
  • The function of the packaging is to contain, protect or preserve the merchandise and ultimately present it for retail.

What is the process behind packaging and packaging and how are they different?

Understanding this process would be helpful in creating an understanding of the two words and their place in the context of shipping and road or rail transport.

The packaging is organized in two different ways. There is primary packaging and secondary packaging. Primary packaging is the packaging of the product that the retailer uses to market the merchandise. Primary packaging is the first stage of the packaging process. Ultimately, this will be the packaging seen on retailer shelves. The primary packaging contains the logo and information about the product that the retailer wants to show the customers. The primary packaging is an essential part of the product purchasing decision making and when the retailer receives the merchandise, the well-designed branded packaging makes all the difference. Consumers are drawn to colorful packaging that supports the brand names they want to see. The well-designed packaging is also helpful in self-service scenarios, as the packaging provides information that helps the customer learn about the product without anyone having to help them with their choice.

The secondary packaging represents the packaging just to transport the goods to their destination. The secondary packaging is placed over the product to protect the product during transport or storage. It is the protective packaging and means to keep the product safe, watertight and protected from bumps or bumps from other products during transit. The loading of the goods into the container or the transport vehicle is the packing of the goods that are now packed and ready for delivery. This is how packaging and packaging work together to enable the transportation of goods. Their functions are similar but not the same

The primary packaging will be unique for each product according to the manufacturer's design and packaging style. It is the primary packaging that sells the product. Many companies have cleverly designed their primary packaging to attract customers and create a visual relationship with them. The sight and colors of certain products have an unconscious effect on consumers. This branding or packaging makes the packaging stand out from the packaging.

If the main purpose of secondary packaging is to pack the goods properly and ensure transportability, then packaging and packaging perform the same function at this point. People who pack goods use packaging and packaging materials, so there's a common element there too. A person who packs and uses packaging materials is a packer while a packer uses packaging. Due to the age of the word usage and the way the language is used, these different nuances become clear.

what would you say

The man is packing his car for vacation or is he packing the car?

A visual image here shows the car being packed with trunks and bags, whereas as it was being packed the car would be boxed up and ready to be loaded onto a shipping container.

what would you say


The girl will wrap the gifts with pretty paper and ribbon for the party or she will wrap the gifts for the party.

This phrase would assume that the girl wraps and labels the presents to present them as gifts for a specific occasion. Wrapping them would mean putting them in a container to take to the party.

what would you say

The supermarket will pack the vegetables ready for the shelf or pack the vegetables ready for the shelf?

In this case, any word would match the description of packing the goods for the store or packing the goods. However, it would probably be correct to assume that the packaging would include the labelling, logo and packaging. The packaging process may only consist of receiving the packages and making them available for purchase in the designated area. The consumer will look at the packaging to help make a purchase decision. The packaging in this case ensures the freshness of the product and the packaging properly presents the product for purchase.

Is there a difference between the two words? The table below compares their features and hopefully can clear up any confusion and get it packing!

Comparison table to show the difference between packaging and packaging

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    What is the difference between packaging and packing? ›

    The process of packing covers and protects the products by containers or boxes to prevent breakage during transportation, whereas the process of packaging protects the products and identifies the particular brand of a particular company. The packaging gives information about the company and its brand through labelling.

    What is the role of packing and packaging? ›

    The roles of packaging are to protect the contents from the elements, allow for the ease of transportation, provide information, add convenience in stocking, marketing and communicating the value of the product, security of the product to keep the consumer safe, and finally, environmental responsibility.

    What is packaging in simple words? ›

    Packaging is the science, art and technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use. Packaging also refers to the process of designing, evaluating, and producing packages.

    What is packing process or packaging process? ›

    The packing process takes place in the warehouse and typically consists of choosing appropriate materials and an appropriate container to pack the products, weighing the package, and labeling it with the relevant invoice or packing slip.

    What is the purpose of packing? ›

    The primary purpose of packaging is to provide physical or barrier protection for your food products. This may include: Protecting against breakage from being dropped, crushed or vibrated during transport.

    What is the most important role of packaging? ›

    Protection. Packaging's first and foremost function is protection. The most important function of packaging is to keep the product safe and secure from the outside environment, but also the other way around, packaging needs to keep the product away from the external environment, too.

    What are the 4 purposes of packaging? ›

    Robertson (2005) attributes to packaging four functions: containment, protection, convenience and communication. In fact, each one of these functions comprises a number of different technological, engineering and commercial objectives.

    What are the three main functions of packaging? ›

    The Three Main Functions of Packaging
    • Protection.
    • Containment.
    • Communication.
    Mar 17, 2015

    What is the rule of packing? ›

    Consider the 1-2-3-4-5-6 Rule

    One general guideline is to pack one hat, two pairs of shoes, three bottoms, four tops (short or long-sleeve or outer layer), five pairs of socks, six pairs of underwear.

    What are examples of packaging? ›

    What are the best packaging types?
    • Poly bags.
    • Corrugated boxes.
    • Paper bags.
    • Paperboard boxes.
    • Plastic boxes.
    • Padded mailers.
    • Rigid boxes.
    • Custom boxes.
    Feb 10, 2021

    What are the 3 types of packaging? ›

    There are three main types of packaging:
    • Primary. Primary packaging are the materials that come into direct contact with your product. ...
    • Secondary. The main uses of secondary packaging is for protecting a product, allowing multiple products to be bundled together and for marketing. ...
    • Tertiary.

    What are the key elements of packaging? ›

    The four main elements of packaging are Colours, Visuals, Typography and Format. These elements help the consumers to relate to the brand easily and tend to have a high recall. Colours have great psychological impact and can draw attention to your product.

    What is packing and packaging in logistics? ›

    To put it in simple words, packaging is the covering of the individual units of an item that is available to the final customer while packing is the protecting covering or support for such products when they are transported or handled in bulk quantities.

    What are the 6 main purposes of packaging? ›

    6 Required Functions of All Product Packaging
    • To protect products from damage.
    • To provide key information.
    • To contain multiple items.
    • To promote the product.
    • To improve storage effectiveness.
    • To consider environmental impact.
    Oct 4, 2021

    What are 5 purposes of packaging? ›

    These are: Promote, Position, Present, Provide and Protect. Promotion is probably the most obvious of the traditional marketing mix elements as it pertains to packaging, but that doesn't mean it should be overlooked.

    What are the characteristics of a good packaging? ›

    In general, look for the following quality in packaging materials:
    • Durable and high quality. ...
    • Cost-effective and convenient. ...
    • Tamper-evident and secure. ...
    • Environment-friendly and legally compliant. ...
    • Comes with quality customer service.

    What is difference between packer and packager? ›

    People who are packing goods use packing and packaging materials so there is a common element there too. A person who packs and uses packing materials is a packer while a packager will use packaging. It is through word use age and exposure to the language that these different nuances become apparent.

    Is it packed food or packaged food? ›

    Packaged food means the same thing; food that is put in a package. " A packet of crisps" in England is a " Bag of chips" in America. Packed is the past tense of " pack". If you have " packed" something, you have already done so in the past.

    What is the example of packing? ›

    Primary packaging

    Some examples are laminations, cling films, glass containers, tin can, bubble wraps etc.

    What is the job description of a packing worker? ›

    Packer Job Responsibilities:

    Pulls and stacks product based on daily orders. Meets specifics of customer orders in a timely manner. Keeps products separated, organized, and in good rotation. Monitors product quality frequently, reporting problems to mitigate safety issues.

    What are packing skills? ›

    Packer Skills and Qualifications
    • In-depth knowledge of packing and shipping procedures.
    • Ability to operate shipping vehicles.
    • Good knowledge of basic arithmetic: addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.
    • Ability to work in a fast-paced, high-stress environment for long hours.
    • Excellent organizational skills.
    Dec 10, 2022

    What is the job description of packaging worker? ›

    Packagers are responsible for cleaning packaging materials, loading items into containers, and weighing and labeling the items appropriately. They also perform final checks for defective items, ensure all working items make it to the loading area or inventory, and keep detailed records of materials and shipments.

    What is the meaning of packing food? ›

    Food packaging is defined as enclosing food to protect it from tampering or contamination from physical, chemical, and biological sources, with active packaging being the most common packaging system used for preserving food products. From: Gases in Agro-Food Processes, 2019.

    What packed food means? ›

    /ˈpæk.ɪdʒd/ sold already prepared in a container, usually one made of paper or cardboard: packaged foods/cereals/soup.

    What do you call packaged food? ›

    Convenience food, also called tertiary processed food, is food that is commercially prepared (often through processing) to optimise ease of consumption. Such food is usually ready to eat without further preparation.

    What is type of packing? ›

    There are three major types of paper packaging: corrugated boxes, boxboard or paperboard cartons, and paper bags and sacks. Corrugated Boxes: Corrugated boxes are commonly used to carry heavier products such as appliances, electronic goods, wine, fruit and vegetables.


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