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Super handy, great versatility!Steven Dalamaras
Crafted from durable waxed cotton, the Lugville Musicians Gear Bag is a stylish and durable way to protect and store your gear. The well thought out lead management system and pockets let you know where all your gear is at all times. No more rummaging through a bottomless bag or untangling stacks of lead, this bag allows the musician to be organized and focus on the important things like playing your instrument.
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1. All your key gear visible in a storage zone
To ensure you can carry all your gear and get to it as quickly as possible, we put a lot of thought into the best mount for musicians. Because of this, the large main compartment can be fully opened, allowing you to see all your gear through the mesh pockets, so you never have to search for bags for stage lights again.
We designed these bags specifically for musician gear. Larger pockets accommodate most larger pedals, preamps, mics and D.I.s. Smaller pockets fit smaller pedals, CDs and random gear. With mesh on the front of all pockets, you can find what you're looking for at a glance. No more rustling in the dark to look for spare strings while the frontman fills in dead air. This is the Musicians Gear Bag.

Lugville musicians gear bag (2)

2. Lead management system so you never have to untangle leads again
It doesn't seem to matter how neatly you store your cables, they still need to be untangled when you unpack them. Lugville's lead management system lets you strap each lead to where and how you left it when you grab it.

Lugville musicians gear bag (3)

3. Padded compartment for laptop
Your laptop seems to go with you everywhere these days, and when you do, it's important to have a safe place to keep it. The Lugville bag features a padded area in the back pocket to protect one of our most important accessories. If you don't have a laptop with you, this area is useful for other items such as books or breakable equipment.

Lugville musicians gear bag (4)

4. Notes section
Respect your notes and setlists and they will respect you. It can be disastrous to show up to a gig with crumpled, illegible sheet music or a setlist. A dedicated pocket keeps these items safe and usable.

Lugville musicians gear bag (5)

5. Accessible storage pockets for essentials like keys, phone and wallet
When gaming or traveling you need a place to put your phone and wallet and there are designated slip pockets in the back pocket. Also useful for storing pens, markers, business cards, notebooks, etc.

Lugville musicians gear bag (6)

6. Tough, durable exterior
Transporting gear to gigs and rehearsals can be bumpy and tedious. The durable waxed cotton exterior and heavy duty zippers ensure this bag will never let you down.

Lugville musicians gear bag (7)

7. Wide webbing. Extremely strong, durable and flexible
The more gear you carry, the more you need a wide strap to distribute the weight - and the more you'll appreciate Lugville's soft but strong wide webbing. Combine this with the firm shoulder pad and your back and shoulder will thank you forever.

Lugville musicians gear bag (8)

8. Dual front release buckle for cargo compression
Especially paranoid about your gear? Need to strap on your stands? Throw in the two quick release compression straps and you can lug a whole lot more.

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Easily organize your gear to focus on what matters and play better.Get the Lugville Musicians Gear Bag. lie for life

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Lugville musicians gear bag (11)Total size:
Width 43 cm (17"), Height 32 cm (12.6"), Depth 19 cm (7.5")
(Laptop and note compartment depth: 6 cm (3.15") , Main compartment depth: 13 cm (5.1")
Inside pockets:
3 x Width 8cm x Height 12cm x Depth 6cm (3 x Width 3.15in x Height 4.7in x Depth 2.36in)
2 x width 16 cm, height 19 cm, depth 6 cm (2 x width 6.3 inches x height 7.5 inches x depth 2.36 inches)
1 x width 16 cm, height 12 cm, depth 6 cm (1 x width 6.3 inches x height 4.7 inches x depth 2.36 inches)

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Lugville musicians gear bag (12)

21 reviews forLugville musicians gear bag

  1. Lugville musicians gear bag (13)

    Rated5von 5

    Andrew fart

    This bag is really great, picked up a week ago - enjoy. The biggest advantage is the construction (curves, padding and overall finish leave Gator etc in the dust) - last but not least it's an excellent laptop bag. Also the lead management system which if you pack it right is super neat and tidy. I use this for FOH mixing gigs, but would recommend it for bassists, acoustic duos, mandolin/violin/banjo players, guitar techs, and anyone who can do without a pedalboard! Brilliant..

  2. Lugville musicians gear bag (14)

    Rated5von 5

    Michael Esser

    Fantastic product! My girlfriend bought this for me as a birthday gift and she couldn't have done it any better! I play guitar in multiple line-ups, rock bands, acoustic duos etc and this bag is perfect because it is so versatile. I already have a pedalboard bag so I mainly use the bags for spares, tools and all those random accessories that one might need. The workmanship is very high quality and the wearing comfort is very pleasant. This is one of those bags you have for life!

  3. Lugville musicians gear bag (15)

    Rated5von 5

    Mark Bishop(verified owner)

    This bag makes carrying all the gear I need for an acoustic show a breeze. Everything is together and I don't forget anything. Lead a and pedals all have their own place. Great tool for the guitarist or solo musician.

  4. Lugville musicians gear bag (16)

    Rated5von 5

    Ray Banman(verified owner)

    As a freelance bass player for dozens of different artists, it's incredibly important for me to stay organized and always have the tools I need for any situation. The Lugville has pockets, straps and compartments for everything I could need for every gig! It's easy to carry, looks great and is extremely well made (has survived many trailers, buses and flights). Now that I have it, I can't imagine performing without it!

  5. Lugville musicians gear bag (17)

    Rated5von 5

    Kevin Schulz(verified owner)

    (Video) Musicians Gear Bag from ChromaCast

    There aren't enough words to express how much I love this bag! I use it every day, whether it's traveling to a gig, rehearsal, class, etc. The bag is incredibly durable, very comfortable to carry, undeniably versatile, and most importantly, quite stylish. I recently took it on tour and I have no hesitation in saying that it's the perfect travel bag. Simply put, I can't imagine not having it and every musician should have one.

  6. Lugville musicians gear bag (18)

    Rated5von 5

    Xavier Toby

    wheel bag. I'm not even a muso, I just use it to carry my gear around. Small enough to fit on an airplane, big enough to carry everything I need for a few days on the go, and durable enough not to break any of my belongings. It's a ripper!

  7. Lugville musicians gear bag (19)

    Rated4von 5

    Ray L(verified owner)

    I'm a gig guitarist, I have a few different rigs for rehearsals, smaller gigs and bigger ones. I used to swap and change setups to cater for each of these things, now I can conveniently carry it all together. It saves so much time. The bag looks great and keeps all the little things safe and sound. Btw I'm in Sydney Oz and had it in a few days of ordering. Great job Luke. Thanks

  8. Lugville musicians gear bag (20)

    Rated5von 5


    Got one for Christmas after some subtle hints and found it to be an excellent product. Holds a lot and keeps everything well organized and tidy. Also stylish as hell. Gets a lot of lustful looks from other musos.
    Well done Lugville

  9. Lugville musicians gear bag (21)

    Rated5von 5

    Doctor White(verified owner)

    I have a bag for everything - PA gear, lighting and stage. The Lugville includes the stage stuff - leads, mics, guitar preamps, picks, capos and slides, spare parts. It is the best constructed of the road bike bags and the zips are particularly robust. I really like it. The only addition I would make is a dedicated pocket for microphones. Good job Lugville!

  10. Lugville musicians gear bag (22)

    Rated5von 5

    Mick M(verified owner)

    I am very happy with my Lugville Bag. It's compact, sturdy, and reliably fits all of my gear. Aesthetically it's cool too; the look and feel is great. Congratulations Team Lugville on a solid product!!

  11. Lugville musicians gear bag (23)

    (Video) ChromaCast Large Musicians Gear Bag Demo

    Rated5von 5

    Tom Chrz(verified owner)

    I love this gig bag!! I went from 2 bags to just this one. Love the space and individual pockets, easy to keep organized and find what I need. The shoulder strap is very comfortable. This is the bag I didn't know I was looking for but now it's the only gig bag I'll ever need!! Thank you Lugville for a great product!!

  12. Lugville musicians gear bag (24)

    Rated5von 5

    David G(verified owner)

    Lugville is a great concept. I use it to carry guitar cables, microphone cables, power cords, breadboards, iPad, microphones, guitar strings, string winder, guitar strings, guitar picks, guitar stands, etc. It replaced other cumbersome methods of transporting equipment. Agree with Doc White that a dedicated mic bag is a good idea. I think I'll get another one to use as a handy carry-on.

  13. Lugville musicians gear bag (25)

    Rated5von 5

    Richard Key(verified owner)

    Without a doubt the best gig bag I've ever used! Very well finished inside and out. Plenty of room for all my cables, pedals, laptop etc etc. Great to be able to fit everything I need in one bag! Highly recommended!!

  14. Lugville musicians gear bag (26)

    Rated5von 5

    Jenny(verified owner)

    I love my Lugville! I'm a singer who also plays a bit of drums and I find that there's a place to put everything... even a nice little pocket for my hip flask for that pre-gig drink 😉 It's simple, it's unobtrusive to be stowed in the back also from the gig setup. So glad I bought it. Thank you Lugville.

  15. Lugville musicians gear bag (27)

    Rated5von 5

    StefOnBass(verified owner)

    What a great product. Great quality. Very functional as I can always find all my stuff when I need it. But above all, unfrickable customer service. Well done Luke.
    stay funky

  16. Lugville musicians gear bag (28)

    Rated5von 5

    David Wayne Broyles(verified owner)

    (Video) The ChromaCast Musicians Gear Bag with Joe LaQuinto

    Top device! A place for everything and everything in its place. Makes loading and unloading sooooo much easier! Without a doubt THE MOST IMPORTANT piece of gear I own.

  17. Lugville musicians gear bag (29)

    Rated5von 5

    Steve Bell

    I've owned this bag for many years and can't praise it enough - super durable and especially the zippers and buckles - I've accidentally stood on it countless times with no damage whatsoever. Highly recommended!

  18. Lugville musicians gear bag (30)

    Rated5von 5

    Jon Baxter(verified owner)

    This bag is a ripper! I need to take some pedals, lots of cables, microphones, extra spares, music books, and a music stand. Everything fits efficiently and cleanly... no more absolute mess for gigs and rehearsals. Congratulations guys, you've made the perfect durable bag!

  19. Lugville musicians gear bag (31)

    Rated5von 5

    Mike Murphy

    My bass player came over with one and after seeing it I put it on my Christmas list. Santa came through! love it love it! Love it! Mine developed a small bug and no question Lugville just sent me another one. First class customer service and I wouldn't look anywhere else!

  20. Lugville musicians gear bag (32)

    Rated5von 5

    Karl Hörnemann(verified owner)

    The Lugville bag is AMAZING! It has been with me since 2017 and has become one of the most important pieces of equipment of all time!
    Unfortunately, it did not survive the devastating Wooroloo bushfire that destroyed our home and all of our gear in early February this year. But guess what? Your bag is the first new piece of gear I've ordered! Because "Life is better when you own a Lugville Gear Bag". Now I can start looking for new guitars, amps, pedals and everything!
    Kudos boys?

  21. Lugville musicians gear bag (33)

    Rated5von 5

    Eamon Daly

    Absolutely the best bag for the traveling DJ/KJ and I've owned dozens of them. *Highly* recommended for karaoke hosts or other performers who need to bring a bunch of fiddly little AV converters, transmitters and plugs. Spacious, well-padded laptop compartment PLUS another letter-sized compartment for manuals, promotional materials, masks, covers, etc., all separate from the main compartment. It is also robust and water-repellent. Can't recommend enough.

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