Mining | Minecraft101 (2023)

Mining is important! It's in the name of the game! You will do it a lot. Here's how to get the precious ores you so desperately want: Iron, Gold, Redstone and more, but most importantly: Diamonds!

Buried Treasure

This is what we are looking for:

Erze in Minecraft
oreWhere to lookUsed
Mining | Minecraft101 (2)MoneyAnywhere underground, but most commonly under layer 40.Torches, stove fuel.
Mining | Minecraft101 (3)EisenAnywhere underground, but most commonly under layer 40.Craft tools and armor and build railroads.
Mining | Minecraft101 (4)GoldDeep underground, below layer 30.Crafting, brewing potions, power rails.
Mining | Minecraft101 (5)root SteinUnder layer 16.Redstone circuits, crafting, potion brewing.
Mining | Minecraft101 (6)LapislazuliBelow layer 30, most commonly near layer 12.Decorative
Mining | Minecraft101 (7)EmeraldBelow level 30, “extremely hilly” terrain only.Trade with villagers.
Mining | Minecraft101 (8)DiamondUnder layer 16.The best armor, tools and weapons.
Mining | Minecraft101 (9)NetherquarzIm Nether.Quartz blocks and daylight detectors.

where to dig

As you can see from the table above, everything is available inLayers 1-16. You should approach the bedrock and build your mine there.

However, other underground structures may get in the way, such as abandoned mine shafts, cave systems, or even fortresses. These things might make your way to Bedrock more difficult than detailed here, but you'll want to explore them on the way down.

Emerald Ore can only be found in Extreme Hill and Extreme HillBiome; You can tell which biome you are inPress F3. Emerald Ore also only occurs in individual blocks, not in veins, so you should build your tunnels closer together in your Emerald Mine.

Elevation and Layers

What's the deal with "layers"?

The Minecraft world is 128 blocks high, from bedrock at the bottom to the highest position where you are allowed to place blocks. Sea level is around level 64.

how tall am i

Bedrock is in layers 0-4, so if you're standing on the highest level of bedrock, you're standing on layer 4.

Layer 4 has a mix of bedrock and normal rock.

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The other way to say is to pushF3to bring up a messy screen of debug information, including yoursx, y, and z coordinates.jis your size; So the game reports both the height of your feet and your eye levelIf you are at layer 4, your feet are at level 5 and your eye level is at 6.6.

Start your mine

Start somewhere low, like on a valley floor rather than on top of a mountain. You should start digging in a safe place; B. a well-lit building or a sealed cave, since it will probably be night when you return to the surface. Since you've probably already built a house, why not start in the basement?

At the top of your pit, you'll need a crafting table, one or more furnaces, and some storage space.


First of all, the only equipment you need (or actually have) is some rocksSpitzhacken, a coupleshovels, a bunch oftorches, and wood to craft more torches. You should be able to get more than enough Coal for your lighting needs, and you'll soon find Iron to craft better tools. A suit ofarmorand someWaffencomes in handy if you should break into a cave or an abandoned mine shaft.


Some precautions:

Torches, torches, torches

Enemy mobs spawn in the dark. You must light the tunnels you dig and any caves you explore. If you run out of wood for torches, it's time to stop mining and chop down some trees!

Never dig straight down

Sooner or later you'll dig up the block you're standing on and fall into a lava lake or creeper convention. You could learn from this mistake. (It's possible to dig a vertical shaft more safely if it's two blocks wide and you position yourself correctly over the two blocks.)

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Be careful digging straight up

If there is water or lava above the block you are about to dig, you should be able to see drops and know not to mine that block. However, sand and gravel are also dangerous as they can suffocate you and give you no such warning. Placement aLeiterorSignat head level before digging up and it prevents something bad from falling.

Abandoned mine shafts, caves and dungeons

Often you will find that your mining leads you to one of these underground features. These places present their own dangers and will be discussedon a separate page.

Getting started

Dig a diagonal shaft as deep as possible. Along the way you will find minerals; first coal and iron. Use your shovel to clear up gravel and debris buildup. Put torches on the walls every 10 blocks to stop monsters from spawning! (More about lighting.)

You should find plenty of coal and iron ore along the way. When your pickaxes wear out, or when you have a good amount of iron ore, you'll want to return to the surface to smelt your iron and craft better tools (and maybe iron armor).

You'll probably want to do itStairsto make it easier to climb up and down the shaft.

meet below

Eventually you'll see bedrock, notice there's a strange black fog, or press F3 and see your y-coordinate approaching 6. This is the floor!

They'll probably want to build another base down here, with storage, furnaces, and maybe onefood sourceandsupply of wood.

Mining branch

Now it's time to find those diamonds! A branch mine is a long main corridor that has other tunnels branching off the sides, giving you a good chance of finding all the diamonds in the area. Opinions differ on the best strategy, but here are some ideas.

main corridor

I'm making a fairly wide main corridor with a railroad track down the middle. You don't have to be that ambitious, and it's a lot of rock to dig up, but you get the idea.

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Which layers should be mined?

Diamonds can only be found in the lower 16 levels of the map, so this is where you will focus your mining.

There is a lot of lava in layers 5-10, including large lava lakes. Some players prefer to avoid this by staying at layer 11 and higher (y=13,6). I prefer to mine at all levels and turn back when I hit lava, although this means many of my lower tunnels are short. Whatever you choose, you must constantly be on the lookout for lava and be ready to run down your tunnel at all times!

side branches

Efficient mining

What is the best pattern for side branches? There are many different ideas on this front, but the goal is to find as much ore as possible while digging as little as possible.

Ores are usually found in veins or seams larger than a block in all directions.

Most ores are found in veins of 3 blocks or more, spanning 2 blocks in all directions. This means that if you dig your tunnels 3 blocks apart you should be able to see each ore seam from one side or the other.

Since diamonds are found in the lower 16 layers, we want to search this band as thoroughly as possible. You can cover most of it with three tiers of branch tunnels spaced 3 blocks apart.

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Branch mining pattern. Side tunnels have 3 horizontal blocks between them and a vertical layer.

In the diagram above, black blocks are where you should dig the tunnels. Green blocks are the ones you can see directly. The light gray blocks are the ones you won't see directly, but since ore seams are usually larger than a block, you will see some of the ore in the green blocks.

Mining with this pattern is very efficient and you will only miss the smallest veins of ore.

The exception to this is when you're searching for Emeralds in Extreme Hill biomes. Emerald Ore is found in single blocks. So if you really want to get all the emeralds, you need to place your tunnels 2 blocks apart.

Efficient pattern of side tunnels for branch mining.

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Get those diamonds!

Dig each tunnel while keeping an eye out for ores. Stop when you reach lava, a cave system, or any other obstacle.

Remember to place torchesevery 10-12 blocks!


What level is best to find diamonds? ›

They spawn most often at levels 5-12, so if you want to maximise your chances of finding Diamonds, stay between these two levels.

What do you need to mine ore? ›

Most common ore. Must be mined with a pickaxe, but it can be mined with just a wooden one. Used for fuel in furnace. When you destroy the coal ore block you will get a piece of coal.

How do you mine in Minecraft 101? ›

Dig a diagonal shaft, as deep as you can go. You will find minerals on the way; coal and iron at first. Use your shovel to clear gravel and dirt deposits. Place torches on the walls every 10 blocks as you go so monsters don't spawn!

Where do I mine for diamonds? ›

One of the only places in the world where the public can search for real diamonds in their original volcanic source, Crater of Diamonds is a one-of-a-kind experience that brings people from all over the world to Murfreesboro, Arkansas.

How low do you have to dig to find diamonds? ›

Diamonds only spawn at layer 15 and lower, and get more common the deeper you go. Quick tip: If you're not sure what layer you're on, you can check your coordinates. In the Java version of the game, press F3 (or Fn + F3 on a laptop).

How many diamonds are in a chunk? ›

There is ~1 diamond ore vein generated per chunk.

An ore vein will have between 3 - 8 diamond ore in it. However, that vein can be overwritten by other generated structures - such structures, such as caves, can leave you with a chunk with no ore vein in it.

What is the rarest mineral to mine? ›

The rarest mineral on Earth is kyawthuite. Only one crystal, found in the Mogok region of Myanmar, is known to exist.

What is the easiest thing to mine? ›

1. Monero (XMR) Monero (XMR) is one of the easiest cryptocurrencies to mine using a home computer. Monero is a privacy-focused crypto based on the CryptoNote protocol and utilizes the RandomX hash function to create increasingly complicated mathematical equations.

What is the most profitable ore to mine? ›

Silver and gold shine on the top ten list of mines with the most valuable ore, compiled with data provided by our sister company Mining Intelligence. Top listed uranium producer Cameco's Cigar Lake uranium mine in Saskatchewan takes top spot with ore reserves valued at US$9,105 per tonne, totalling US$4.3 billion.

How do Beginners start mining? ›

  1. Choose and Set Up Your Bitcoin Mining Hardware. Start by choosing the hardware you'll use to mine Bitcoin. ...
  2. Create a Dedicated Bitcoin Wallet. If or when you successfully validate a Bitcoin block, you need a valid Bitcoin wallet to get paid. ...
  3. Configure Your Mining Equipment. ...
  4. Start Mining.
Mar 30, 2022

Can I solo mining? ›

Bitcoin mining can be done alone (as a solo miner) or by joining a mining pool. Mining pools enable miners to pool together their computational power to increase the chances of winning block rewards. Block rewards are the proportional split among all pool participants. Most Bitcoin miners take part in mining pools.

What should I mine first in Minecraft? ›

The first thing you are going to want to do, is gather wood. It is a necessary resource and you can get it easily, buy just punching trees (some resources require specific tools to obtain). Just start breaking down all the trees you can. *Tip: Sometimes the trees are too tall to break all the blocks from the ground.

What States Can diamonds be found in? ›

While the United States is the leader in diamonds purchased, there are relatively few diamonds actually mined domestically. There are numerous kimberlitic pipes and lamproite pipes scattered from New York to Wyoming and Michigan to Arkansas, there are currently only two active diamond mines in the country.

How many diamonds are left to mine? ›

A new study by an interdisciplinary team of researchers used seismic technology (the same kind used to measure earthquakes) to estimate that a quadrillion tons of diamonds lie deep below the Earth's surface. That's 1,000,000,000,000,000 --- or one thousand times more than one trillion.

How do you know if a diamond is in soil? ›

The only hardness test that will identify a diamond is scratching corundum. Corundum, which includes all rubys and sapphires, is 9 on the hardiness scale. If your suspected diamond crystal can scratch corundum, then there is a good chance that you found a diamond.

Can you find diamonds on top of the ground? ›

More diamonds tend to be found on top of the ground during spring and late summer through early fall. Two factors make these seasons more successful: rain and sun. Most surface diamonds are found on sunny days, two to three days after rainfall.

What is the biggest chunk of diamond ever found? ›

The magnificent Cullinan Diamond – the largest diamond ever found- is incorporated into the Crown Jewels. The stone was discovered near Pretoria in South Africa in 1905, and is named after the chairman of the mining company, Thomas Cullinan.

How rare is a 12 diamond vein? ›

Diamond ore veins can generate at most 10 diamond ores adjacent to each other. However, due to the ability of ore veins colliding with each other, players will have an extremely rare chance of mining a diamond vein up to 12 diamonds.

Can diamonds be mined with gold? ›

No, in Minecraft, you cannot mine diamonds with a gold pickaxe.

What ore is worth more than gold? ›


Rhodium is the most valuable metal and exists within the platinum group of metals. It is used in jewelry for a final finish on white gold jewelry. It occurs in the very same ore in which gold and silver exist – only, in smaller quantities.

What rock is rarer than diamond? ›

Tanzanite is a shocking 1000 times more rare than a diamond. Discovered for the first time in 1967 and only found in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, these gemstones go for about $1,500 per carat. Tanzanite has the ability to change color depending on the angle of light it is in.

What is the best beginner miner? ›

Following are the best Bitcoin Miner Hardware:
  • Whatsminer M30S – Best Overall.
  • Bitmain Antminer S7 – Best for cheap mining hardware option.
  • Antminer S19 – Best for Industrial mining.
  • AntMiner L3+ – Best for beginner and advanced miner.
  • AntMiner D3 – Best for Dash mining.
Jan 14, 2023

Is it hard to start mining? ›

Although mining is a competitive business, starting is still relatively easy. In the early years of Bitcoin, hobbyists could simply boot up some software on their computer and get started right away. Those days are long gone, but setting up a dedicated Bitcoin miner is not as hard as it may seem at first.

What can I solo mining? ›

What is solo mining? Solo mining is an attempt to confirm blocks of transactions on the blockchain alone as an individual miner. In other words, solo mining is a way of mining cryptocurrencies without pools.

How much can 1 mining rig make a day? ›

Daily Profit = ($2,250 / Year ) x 365 Days in a year = $727.5 per day. If a mining rig costs around $8,000, then you'll need to invest around $8k in order to mine 1 Bitcoin in one year. Mining will still be very profitable in a few years.

Where do miners get paid the most? ›

Highest paying cities for Underground Miners near United States
  • Charleston, WV. $28.48 per hour. 5 salaries reported.
  • Waynesburg, PA. $27.78 per hour. 15 salaries reported.
  • Morgantown, WV. $27.04 per hour. 21 salaries reported.
  • Beckley, WV. $26.65 per hour. ...
  • Washington, PA. $26.03 per hour. ...
  • Show more nearby cities.

What type of mining pays the most? ›

High Paying Miner Jobs
  • Mining Technician. Salary range: $26,500-$57,500 per year. ...
  • Coal Miner. Salary range: $39,000-$54,500 per year. ...
  • Production Miner. Salary range: $31,000-$51,500 per year. ...
  • Underground Miner. Salary range: $40,000-$49,500 per year. ...
  • Quarry Worker. Salary range: $35,000-$44,000 per year. ...
  • Mine Laborer.

How long does it take to mine 1 BTC? ›

With today's difficulty rate but much more advanced systems, it may take a solo miner about 10 minutes to mine one bitcoin. The average rate for most miners, however, stands at 30 days.

Is mining no longer profitable? ›

Crypto mining is still profitable, but it's potentially not as profitable as it was in years past. That's true for a number of reasons, including the fact that for most of 2022 and into early 2023, crypto values were down way off their peaks.

Is mining solo profitable? ›

While solo mining can generate huge rewards, it doesn't offer the same reliable income as mining pools do. Since pool members combine their computing power and increase the chances of finding a block, the regularity with which you receive a payout will most likely be higher than if you were mining alone.

What is the easiest crypto to mine solo? ›

Answer: Monero is the easiest cryptocurrency to mine now because it can be mined via browser extensions and free software over websites. It is even mined via crypto jacking. The mining code can also easily be incorporated into apps and websites to facilitate mining.

Can a normal person mine crypto? ›

Can anyone mine Bitcoin? Anyone can participate in the Bitcoin mining process, but unless you have access to powerful computers known as ASICs (that's “application-specific integrated circuits”), your chances of winning a Bitcoin reward are pretty low.

Can I mine without investing? ›

Cloud mining is one of the easiest ways of earning Bitcoin passively without investing in expensive mining equipment. Ecos has made the process so seamless that users can start mining after just two clicks.

Should I Pool mine or solo mine? ›

While solo mining can generate huge rewards, it doesn't offer the same reliable income as mining pools do. Since pool members combine their computing power and increase the chances of finding a block, the regularity with which you receive a payout will most likely be higher than if you were mining alone.

What is the first rarest ore in Minecraft? ›

Emerald Ore is the rarest ore to date in Minecraft (25 times more so than Diamond Ore, while almost always spawning in only one-block veins). When mined (with an Iron Pickaxe or higher), it drops an Emerald; the only implemented use of Emeralds to date is for trading with Villagers.

What is the hardest thing to mine in Minecraft? ›

1) Obsidian

Obsidians are hard blocks that are required to create Nether portals in Minecraft. It is made when water flows over lava. Both obsidian and its crying variant need 9.4 seconds to break using a diamond pickaxe and 8.35 seconds using a Netherite pickaxe. No other tool can be used to mine them.

What do raw diamonds look like when found? ›

On the other hand, raw diamonds are uncut and unpolished. In other words, they have not been altered or tampered with after they were discovered. Raw diamonds look like transparent stones with yellowish or brownish tints. There are some that are colorless but these are rare.

What type of rock are diamonds found in? ›

Diamond: Diamond is an allotrope of carbon and is the hardest substance known. A type of ultrabasic volcanic rock called kimberlite is formed deep in the crust of the earth. In these rocks, diamonds are found.

How deep are diamonds found? ›

The vast majority of diamonds form between about 150 to 200 km below Earth's surface.

How do you tell if a rock is a diamond? ›

Scratch the Diamond Crystal on a Corundum

In order to use corundum to test the authenticity of the diamond, hold the corundum up against the suspected diamond and see the diamond to scratch a line on the corundum by rubbing the two gems together. If your gem does scratch corundum, it's definitely diamond.

What type of soil are diamonds found in? ›

A grove of Pandanus candelabrum, which appears to grow only in diamond-bearing kimberlite soils. Diamonds are formed hundreds of kilometers below the surface, as carbon is squeezed under intense temperatures and pressures.

What happens if you find a diamond in your backyard? ›

If you ever find a diamond ring, or any lost property, don't assume that you can keep it. Always attempt to find the owner if possible, or turn the item in to the police. Most states will allow finders to keep the property if the owner does not show up to claim it after a certain time.

Will a diamond break if you drop it? ›

Diamonds do not shatter when dropped, but they may chip from powerful, accidental blows. They can also break when there is pressure buildup inside the stone called 'strain. ' A small tap results in breakage for the pressure to escape. While it is very rare for diamonds to break this way, it's a fact worth noting.

Do mined diamonds hold their value? ›

Depending on the current diamond industry market, a natural diamond typically holds around 25% to 50% of its value, while by some estimates, lab-grown diamonds may hold little to no resale value.

Do diamonds ever lose their value? ›

Diamonds typically lose between 25 and 50 per cent of their actual worth upon resale due to market fluctuations, the markup on your ring, and the decline in diamond prices.

What is the best level for diamonds 2022? ›

After the 2022 update of Minecraft's ore generation, diamonds can be found at y level 14 to -63 instead of y:12 in underground caves and mines. Players can save time while searching at these specific elevation levels where diamonds are most commonly found.

What is the best level for diamonds 1.19 bedrock? ›

In 1.19, diamonds still spawn below layer 16, but now become increasingly common as you dig down towards bedrock. While the best level to find the most diamonds is technically Y-level -59, we recommend mining at Y-level -53 to find Minecraft diamonds.

What is the best Y level for diamonds in 1.18 Java? ›

To put things simply, players that are hunting for diamonds in Minecraft 1.18 should target Y-level -58.

What is the best Y level for diamonds in 1.18 bedrock? ›

Diamonds will generate between Y levels 14 and -63, however, after Y level -58, the bedrock layer starts generating. Hence, it can hamper the success rate of finding them. This is why the best Y level to find diamonds in Minecraft Bedrock 1.18. 30 is Y level -58.

What level are diamonds on 2023? ›

In the past, Diamond blocks would generally spawn from Y:12 in underground caves and mines. However, they now spawn more frequently and are distributed between Y levels 14 to -63.

How many diamonds do you need for full armor? ›

24 Diamonds. It takes 24 Diamonds to Craft a full Diamond set. On very rare occasions, Zombies can spawn wearing a full set of Diamond Armor.

What is the best way to strip mine for diamonds? ›

Strip mining: to strip mine, you will want to dig down to around the twelfth level from the bottom, and then dig in a straight line. Then, count two blocks and dig sideways in both the right and left direction from your middle channel.

Is Y 11 still good for diamonds? ›

Y level 11 will still technically work for diamonds, but that's a pretty rare find. Diamond ore can begin spawning at level 15. That's the highest they can be found in ore form. However, that's not the best place to head to if diamonds are the goal.

What is the strategy for mining in Minecraft? ›

The most basic strategy is to mine in a straight line at a 45° angle downwards, moving one block across for every block down. If the player dig out four blocks above each step instead of three, climbing back up is easier, since they won't "hit their head" with each jump up the steps.

What biome is best for diamonds in Minecraft? ›

Minecraft Biomes With the Most Diamonds

These biomes are: the mesa, the savanna, and most often, the desert. All three of these biomes propose challenges if they decide to stake a permanent base, as they may be sparse in food.

What is the lowest Y level in Minecraft? ›

In Minecraft, altitude is often expressed as the bottom face of a block layer, where the lowest block that can be placed is at layer -64 and has a Y-coordinate of −64.


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