Osprey Sojourn 45L Review + How to travel with just one carry-on (2023)

Osprey Sojourn 45L wheeled luggage review

When this bag came out, we weren't even on the road! (See what I made there... the Sojourn 45L is a rolling bag with wheels!)

I (Brian) was a firefighter in Austin, Texas and Erin was a hair stylist in Toronto, Ontario.

We started traveling together full time in April 2017.Read our full story »

In the beginning we were traveling with the Pacsafe 45L and Deuter 40L backpacks. These bags are great!


We were ready to take the weight off our backs and join inTravel backpack with wheelsStyle.

The Sojourn 45L exceeds expectations

I wish we had found this carry-on bag sooner. This bag feels good. We've been looking at this particular Osprey bag for a while, but were wary of buying it online (because I like to touch and feel something like this before investing in this upgrade).

It turns out; This is the backpack with the best wheels we've seen so far. As you will see further down in the review, the features, light weight and brilliant design make this a bag you will be proud of for a long time!

First thoughts on this trolley backpack…

"Wow! The construction of this bag is so well done!"
– Brian

My preconceived doubts were that this bag would be flimsy and under-engineered to pack into a lightweight frame, telescoping handle and wheels AND be able to cram 45L of gear while still being small enough to fit in The size restrictions on carry-on bags are about to drop by most airlines.

I was surprised.

After watching tons of YouTube videos, we headed to the Whole Earth Provisions store in San Antonio, Texas to get our hands on this wheeled travel backpack (both Erin and I).

We went in with an open mind, able to accept that this could be another underperforming bag being hyped by influencers, and we were about to be blown away.

This Osprey luggage exceeded my expectations! And the details are far more than satisfactory. I would give it a 5/5 hotness on the chili pepper scale!

Exterior of the Osprey travel backpack

With all wheeled backpacks, the exterior is the first thing people see. The Osprey Sojourn 45 is pleasing to the eye and not flashy, especially when you get the Flash Black color like we did.

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Sojourn Telescopic handle

When I pulled out the telescoping handle and rolled the Osprey Sojourn around, it felt solid while still being light. No matter how much gear you pack into this trolley backpack, the handle easily retracts into its home. There are hidden tubes that these handles insert into in the bag lining.

(Video) Osprey Sojourn 45L Review + CARRY ON PACKING HACKS

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The Sojourn is a travel backpack with wheels

The wheels roll smoothly and didn't feel flimsy. That was one of the things that worried me in the beginning.

What if the wheels break?

Reviews I had read said they have been using the Sojourn for years with no problems cycling which gave me peace of mind!

Now that we've been using this wheeled travel backpack for a little over seven months, we've rolled it over cobblestones, gravel, tarmac, tarmac, grass, up stairs, down stairs... you get the point! No matter where we dragged this travel pack, the wheels stayed strong!

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Turn the Sojourn 45 into travel backpack mode

On the back of this sojourn is a zippered flap that when opened exposes your shoulder straps and waist strap for lumbar support, making it a travel backpack. For those times when you have to lug your sack across a meadow, through the woods and up a mountainAirbnbCabin on the cliff… This system is a must.

What's cool is that the carrying system can be adjusted to fit YOUR torso size, making it a universal unisex carry-on bag that not only looks good, this Osprey Sojourn feels great to carry and roll around.

If for some reason you feel like you're not going to use the backpack straps and lumbar belt, separate them and leave them in...er...home? (or your dad's attic or barn if you sold your house and virtually everything you own like we did!)

Read more: How I Sold My “American Dream” to Travel Full Time »

Secure your gear with the Daisy Chain

On the outside of the Osprey wheeled backpack are two strong strips with anchor points, similar to the daisy chain, on the front of the main compartment.

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Using these loops allows you to easily attach gear to the outside of your travel backpack with carabiners, webbing, paracord, or anything else you can find. This daisy chain is super handy when you want to attach yoursKlean Kanteen water bottle, tripod or yoga maton the outside of your backpack.

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External compression straps for mobile backpacks

Do you know how often it takes just an inch to fit your carry-on luggage in an overhead bin on an airplane?

Well, Osprey has thought of everything! There are two high-strength compression straps on the outside of the backpack. Once your bag is packed you can connect the two to give your gear a good print and trim it down to its smallest possible form!

(Video) Osprey Sojourn 45 Convertible Travel Pack

At times I've compressed this Osprey wheeled backpack so hard it's as hard as vacuum-packed coffee!(I love coffee).

Read more: Traveling with a coffee addiction »

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Easy to use with three outside handles

As you travel there will be a variety of places to stash your roller bag. The nice thing is that Osprey has added THREE handles on the outside, making manipulating the travel backpack easy to do in any space.

Two handles are padded on the top and side of the bag and are comfortable to grip.

Turn the Sojourn travel backpack upside down and there is a plastic handle integrated into the base that acts as a "stand" when the bag is upright. What's cute is that this bottom handle does TWO things:

  1. A stable platform for the bag to stand upright on
  2. Grab handle when bottom of wheeled bag is facing you.

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Convenient front loading backpack style

Without having to open the entire main compartment, Osprey has conveniently added a zippered pocket to the top of the bag, large enough to hold all your liquids and toiletries.

We love this front-loading backpack feature because all too often when you're carrying a bag at the airport, you're inevitably told to remove all your liquids for inspection.

The curved zip pocket that sits right on top of the travel backpack is LOW! We had no problem accommodating all of our liquids and our toiletry bags in this one place.

Best of all, this compartment is sealed off from the rest of the bag. So if you experience a liquid explosion, it's contained inside this compartment. This liquid compartment is another cute feature Osprey has delivered!

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Interior of the Osprey Sojourn 45L

The main compartment has a heavy-duty zip with lock grommets on the zip pulls so you can attach a TSA-approved lock.We use this lock »

When you open the main compartment, you'll love the space you have to carry your clothes and gear. Derived from my Deuter 40L, this wheeled backpack made me feel like I could spread out like a starfish on a coral reef!

For a carry-on bag, this is a TON of space!

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Osprey Sojourn 45L Interior Tethers

If you look inside you'll notice that it's light green, making it easy to find what you need (because who has something that shade of green that could get lost in the pack?)

Sewn to the bottom of the backpack, you will find that there are TWO tether straps. As we've been packing bags for a number of years, this theme will help you keep your content in sync so it doesn't shift during a bumpy ride in a tuk-tuk up a mountain road to your ecolodge.

(Video) Osprey Sojourn 45L - Did It Hold Up To The Beating? 9 Month Update

The great thing about the location of these two straps is that there are internal pockets that you can easily access without having to undo the straps. That's a big win because it improves access to exactly what you need, when you need it.

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Flap pockets in main compartment

There are two mesh pockets on the inside of the main compartment. One is smaller than the other. These two pockets are a great way to stash some lighter items that you want quick access to. In my Osprey Sojourn I pack things like a small first aid kit, eye mask and earplugs along with some wet wipes.

Osprey approached the panel again and sewed in pleats for the mesh compartments. Not only can you fit more stuff in, but both pockets have effortless access to what you've stashed.

This is how you travel with only one piece of hand luggage

People think Erin and I are crazy about only traveling with a carry-on. For one, they think it's just "hard."

First, when it comes to carry-on luggage, most airlines have restrictions on how much weight you can take with you. Recently we were 10 lbs each on our way from San Antonio, Texas to Bogota, Colombia.

InterJet's carry-on baggage limit is 10 kg.

Luckily the agent was excellent and was on vacation in Colombia and let us slip because of the distance we would be traveling.

Read more about this trip »

Second, some people think we can't carry enough stuff. I totally agree that you can't bring much and as full time travelers we live minimalist.

We don't intend to travel full-time with hand luggage forever. It wears us out from time to time and pushes us to explore the #VanLife concept of travel. The idea of ​​Van Life is that you buy a van like a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter or a school bus called "Skoolie" and outfit it with a bed, bathroom, kitchen and storage space. When you travel this style, you can take MUCH more gear with you for even more adventures! So stay tuned because maybe we'll do that sometime in 2019.

Travel easily with a wheeled carry-on backpack

But right now we are full time on the road with oursOsprey Sojourn 45L/22” Hand Luggage Rolly Bags!This backpack makes it easier to go through airports.

The best way to travel with rolling luggage is to only take the essentials with you. If you think you have what you need, think again because you will find that you need a lot less than you think to be fulfilled and have a happy life.

Which one is right for you?

When we initially had to choose between a few different sized trolley backpacks, we had to ask ourselves a few questions:

  • Should it be a hand luggage size?
  • Do we need wheels?
  • Is it a front loading backpack?
  • Does it have a telescopic handle?
  • Is it sturdy enough?
  • Are there lockable zippers?

Once we explored our purpose for the travel backpack, it suddenly became easier to narrow it down to the Osprey Sojourn 45.

One reason we didn't get the Sojourn 60L or Sojourn 80L is that neither are carry-on sized travel backpacks. Both are more like luggage due to their size.

It is worth noting that no matter which travel backpack you buy, they all have a similar construction. The difference is in the volume of the room, which increases the overall exterior dimensions as you get larger.

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(Video) Carry On vs Checked Luggage | Fairview 40L, Sojourn 45L, Aura 65L Review

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Is the Osprey Sojourn a man's or a woman's backpack?

In terms of style, both Erin and I like the look of the Osprey Sojourn 45. From the sleek design and simple function, this bag looks great as we both lug it through the airport or down the street.

Osprey Damenrucksack

Whether you are looking for a women's backpack or a men's backpack, the Osprey will meet your needs. Erin ranks this as the best travel backpack for women.

It should be noted that this particular bag is available as a men's bag or as a women's bag. What's even cooler is that we've also seen other travel vlogger couples using this travel backpack. It's like we're dressing up as twins with our bags.

But that is not the case.

When a bag has an excellent function and is not designed to "look" like a wheeled trolley backpack for women or a wheeled backpack for men, it can confidently be used by both, making it a unisex wheeled travel backpack power.

Where to buy the Osprey Sojourn

On ourBE Adventure Partners YouTube channel, we get asked all the time where we can buy the Osprey Sojourn 45.

We bought our Sojourns from the Whole Earth Provision Company store in San Antonio, Texas.

However, the easiest way to get it would be through oursAmazon Associates-Link HIER. If you want to buy it from Amazon, they generally ship it super fast. Depending on where you live, it might arrive the same day (because Amazon is SO fast!)

We want to be completely transparent with you. If you use our link, we earn a small referral fee at no additional cost to you. We want to say "thank you"! in advance! We appreciate you because it allows us to continue creating more content that could help you get more of what you want in life. Gratitude!

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How to travel more

We can only travel with a wheeled travel backpack because we started our business online, BE Adventure Partners.

Travel is a by-product of building our online business.

Our goal is to help other peopleto build an online business, make a difference and be where they want!

If this sounds interesting to you and you've always been drawn to the travel lifestyle, become a Triber! We create eCourses that guide Tribe members through building an online business, and we have a private support community where your questions can be answered, which is often the help people need to get their heads around the game to keep.

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Overall we are happy with itOsprey Sojourn 45L travel backpack with wheels. The ability to carry it on your back or turn it into a roll-up bag is easy on your back and a nice feature. Good Trip!


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