Path of Titans server configurations (2023)

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Path of Titans offers powerful server configuration options. All available server configuration options are listed below.

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Note:When downloading the server files with the update script, certain files and folders are not automatically created, the remaining files in the folderSaved.

If you start the server with no additional arguments, these files will be created in the correct place even if the server does not start correctly.

Important NOTE:The server must be stopped while editing server files. You must save your changes and restart the server for the changes to take effect.

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To change the configuration options, you need to change yoursgame.iniFile.


Note:Each option must be on its own line, otherwise it won't work.

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  • 1 IGameSession Options
  • 2 IGameMode options
  • 3 EasyAntiCheat options
  • 4 Example of the contents of Game.ini

IGameSession Options

In the Game.ini file, add a header with the name[/Script/PathOfTitans.IGameSession]and put this one of the following settings under it. Each line must be listed under this heading or it won't work.

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configuration namedescription
ServerName=Mein_ServerSpecifies the public name of the server. Note: To have a space in your server name, you must use underscores_as space.
MaxPlayers=100Sets the maximum number of players on a server. (This cannot be set with Nitrado, only with self-hosted servers)
ServerPasswort=Passwort123Sets a password to access the server.
bServerPaidUsersOnly=falseIndicates whether the server allows free-to-play users to participate.
bServerAllowChat=trueEnables or disables text chat for the entire server.
bServerGlobalChat=trueEnables or disables the global chat channel on the server.
bServerFish=trueEnables or disables fish spawning.
bServerWaterQualitySystem=trueEnables or disables the water quality system.
bOverrideWaterRegeneration=falseEnables or disables water regeneration override. If the value is set to false, the default values ​​are used.
bEnableWaterRegeneration=trueDetermines whether water naturally regenerates over time. If this is disabled please make sure you have water restore quests on the map you are hosting or you will eventually run out of water.
WaterRegenerationRateMultiplierUpdate=180Water treatment rate multiplier update.
Water regeneration rate=60Time in seconds before water applies a regeneration amount. If this value is set too low, the server will update the water more frequently, which can cause lag.
WaterRegenerationValue=10Amount of water regenerated in each cycle. This depends on the size of the body of water.
WaterRainRegenerationIncrement=20.0Multiplier that increases the amount of water restored when it rains.
bServerWaystoneCooldownRemoval=trueEnables or disables the ability for players to spend markers to reduce waystone cooldowns.
OverwriteWaystoneCooldown=-1Overrides waystone cooldown timer in seconds. -1 uses the default cooldown timer.
bServerFallDamage=trueEnables or disables Case Damage for all users of the server.
ServerDiscord=aY5CzgZkSpecifies the Discord server of the connected community. This just has to be the letters/numbers after the part of the server invite link. Example: only useaY5CzgZkMake sure you use a permanent invite link or it will expire.
bServerAutoRestart=falseEnables automatic restart of the server.
RestartLengthInSeconds=10800Specifies the time between automatic server restarts in seconds. Players are warned about restart every 2.1 hours - minutes - seconds.
ServerDeadBodyTime=0How long a corpse remains in seconds. A value of 0 means it will persist forever.
bServerAllowMap=trueEnables or disables the full map for the entire server.
bServerAllowMinimap=trueEnables or disables the minimap for the entire server.
+AllowedCharacters=DinosauriernameDisables all dinosaurs except those listed. More information here.
bServerHomeCaves=trueEnables or disables Home Caves on your server.
bServerEditAbilitiesInHomeCaves=trueIf this is true, players can only edit their abilities in their home cave. If false, players can edit their abilities anywhere while asleep. It is recommended to set this value to true if you also enable Home Caves on your server.
bServerHatchlingCaves=trueEnables/disables the Hatchling Caves tutorial. When enabled, players will spawn in a tutorial area0Growth and completing quests bring them to it0,3grow when they leave the world. When disabled, players will spawn in the world0,3Growth and skips the tutorial entirely.
bServerHungerThirstInCaves=falseEnables/disables hunger and thirst in caves. With this feature disabled, dinosaurs in caves will not lose hunger, thirst, or take damage if they have no food or water.
bServerGrowth=trueEnables/disables growth on your server. If this option is disabled, all dinosaurs will spawn as adults and all existing characters will be upgraded to adults.
GlobalPassiveGrowthPerMinute=0Adds additional passive growth per second to all Dinosaurs. Reminder: Full growth =1So a good value for this could be0,005which means it takes a player 200 minutes (3.3 hours) to grow up. The amount of growth currently applies equally to all dinosaurs. If you set this0puts. it disables passive growth.
QuestGrowth Multiplier=1Allows you to set the growth rate players will receive as they complete quests. If you want to disable quest growth, set this value up0.
bLoseGrowthPastGrowthStages=trueAllows players to lose growth beyond Juvenile/Juvenile/Sub-Adult/Adult growth levels on death.
CombatDeathMarksPenaltyPercent=25Percentage of total points a player loses when dying in battle. default25
CombatDeathGrowthPenaltyPercent=10Percentage of growth a player loses when dying in combat. default10
FallDeathMarksPenaltyPercent=5Percentage of total points a player loses when dying from fall damage. default5
FallDeathGrowthPenaltyPercent=2Percentage of growth a player loses when they die from fall damage. default2
SurvivalDeathMarksPenaltyPercent=10Percentage of total points that a player loses if they starve/thirst/drown. default value10
SurvivalDeathGrowthPenaltyPercent=5Percentage of growth a player loses when they starve/thirst/drown. default5
AFKDisconnectTime=10Specifies the amount of time in minutes after which an idle/AFK player will be automatically disconnected from the server. Useful to prevent idle players from crowding the server. default10Protocol. When set to0, no player will be removed from the game for inactivity.
MaxClientPingMs=0Specifies the maximum ms ping before the player is automatically disconnected.0disable this option. Use this option to prevent high ping players from causing problems on your server.
MaxClientPingDuration=0Sets the amount of time in minutes that the player's ms ping stays above theMaxClientPingMsbefore the connection is broken
ServerLogoutTime=60The time it takes to be in the logout menu before a player safely logs in. Set to0if you want to unsubscribe immediately. is norm120seconds.
bServerAntiRevengeKill=trueWorks only when a database is set to "remote", for offsite servers. It is planned that it will work for all servers in the future. When set toIs correct, when a player is killed, all of their other characters within a certain radius are given a 10-minute timer, preventing those characters from immediately logging back in. Characters further away are not affected by the login timer.
RevengeKillDistance=100000Works only when a database is set to "remote", for offsite servers. It is planned that it will work for all servers in the future. Specifies the radius of the anti-revenge kill distance. The default is100000that is 1km.
Change login debuff length and statsWhen a player logs in, a login debuff is applied to their character. You can customize the length and status changes of this buff by adding:CurveOverrides=(CurveName="Global.LoginDebuffDuration",Values=(60)) CurveOverrides=(CurveName="Global.LoginDebuffSpeedReduction",Values=(0.75)) CurveOverrides=(CurveName="Global.LoginDebuffIncomingDamage",Values=(2))andCurveOverrides=(CurveName="Global.LoginDebuffAttackDamage",Values=(0.4))This uses the same format as adjusting dinosaur stats. Learn how to customize the stats here.
Changing party buff statsWhen players are in a group and close together, they gain increased movement speed and stamina regeneration. You can customize these values ​​by adding:CurveOverrides=(CurveName="Global.GroupLeaderBuffStaminaRecoveryMultiplier",Values=(1.1))andCurveOverrides=(CurveName="Global.GroupLeaderBuffSpeedMultiplier",Values=(1.05))This uses the same format as adjusting dinosaur stats. Learn how to customize the stats here.
Change the duration of the battle timerWhen players attack each other, they gain the In Combat state, which prevents healing and logoff. You can change the duration of this state by adding:CurveOverrides=(CurveName="Global.InCombatDuration",Values=(30))This uses the same format as adjusting dinosaur stats. Learn how to customize the stats here.

IGameMode options

In the Game.ini file, add a header with the name[/Script/PathOfTitans.IGameMode]and then add one of the following settings underneath. Each line must be listed under this heading or it won't work.

configuration namedescription
Server start time=1350Specifies the time of day that the server starts after a reboot. The time is scaled between 0-2400. Example:100= 1:00 am,1200= 12:00 PM, and1800= 6:00 p.m
bServerDynamicTimeOfDay=1Indicates whether the server uses a fixed or dynamic time of day.
bServerRestrictCarnivoreGrouping=falseIndicates whether the server restricts grouping of carnivores to the same species. (Revision 13324)
ServerDayLength=240Specifies the length (in minutes) of an all-day cycle.
MaxGroupSize=10Sets the maximum number of slots allowed for player groups.
MaxGroupLeaderCommunicationDistance=50000Sets the distance (in meters) at which players can see their other party members.

EasyAntiCheat options

bEnabled=true- Easy Anti-Cheat enabled or disabled.

Example of Game.ini content

TIP: Inline comments (with a semicolon) allow you to add annotations to commands for better organization.

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[/Script/PathOfTitans.IGameSession]ServerName=ServerMaxPlayers=100ServerPassword=Password123bServerPaidUsersOnly=falsebServerAllowChat=truebServerGlobalChat=truebServerFish=truebServerWaterQualitySystem=truebServerWaystoneCooldownRemoval=truebServerFallDamage=trueServerDiscord=bServerAutoRestart=falseRestartLengthInSeconds=10800ServerDeadBodyTime=0[/Script/PathOfTitans.IGameMode]; Time the game starts with 0-2400 ServerStartingTime=1350; Use dynamic time of day (animated day-night cycle)bServerDynamicTimeOfDay=1; Length in minutes of a full day cycleServerDayLength=240MaxGroupSize=10MaxGroupLeaderCommunicationDistance=50000[EasyAntiCheat]bEnabled=true


How do I find my server on Path of Titans? ›

Official Servers are game servers that are run by Alderon Games directly, and are the most common way to play Path of Titans. You can access Official Servers by clicking the "Multiplayer" button on the main menu.

Does Path of Titans have private servers? ›

Want to host your own Path of Titans community server? It's easy to set up your own custom server for your friends and community! Create a unique experience for players and manage every detail to create your unique Path of Titans experience!

What is the fastest way to grow in Path of Titans? ›

Quests in the game are vital to successfully raising dinosaurs successfully. Finishing these will earn some marks and growth progress. Like any open-world game, taking on lots of quests is often the best way to level up quickly. This is true in Path of Titans also, and handily quests are trackable simultaneously.

What is the fastest Dino in Path of Titans? ›

Struthiomimus is a tall, feathered herbivore. It is the fastest dinosaur in the game.

How do I setup my own farm server? ›

Creating a Server Farm
  1. Open IIS Manager and expand the nodes in the Connections pane. Right-click Server Farm and then click Create Server Farm. ...
  2. Enter a name for the server farm.
  3. The Server farm is available for load balancing check box is selected by default. ...
  4. Select Provision server farm.
Aug 23, 2022

How do I find the server address for my server? ›

How to find the IP address of a server from a workstation
  1. Open a DOS prompt.
  2. Type PING <ServerName> where ServerName is the name of the. server.
  3. Note the IP Address listed in the line just below the PING line.

What is the best dinosaur Path of Titans? ›

The Ceratosaurus is one of the most versatile dinosaurs in Path of Titans; many viable playstyles are available to players because of its wide variety of abilities, great for solo playing and as part of a group.

How long does it take to grow in Path of Titans? ›

The duration of growth given varies depending on the quest; the majority of quests currently give 30 seconds of growth. It takes ~50 quests of 30 second rewards to complete a growth stage.

How do I add a server to game Tracker? ›

How to add your server to GameTracker Print
  1. Start your server.
  2. Press the GameTracker Banners(*) button.
  3. Press the Submit to GameTracker button.
  4. Press the Refresh button.

How do I add an admin to my Path of Titans server? ›

Path of Titans | Admin Configuration Print

Underneath the [/Script/PathOfTitans. IGameSession] header, enter the Alderon Games ID (AGID) of your admins, one player per line. You can add additional lines to enable more then one admin at once. To remove an admin, simply remove the line with their AGID.


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