The 11 Most Expensive Baseball Cards (With Pictures) (2023)

As a popular sport, baseball, which originated in the USA, has worldwide fame and prestige. Baseball players are iconic to some people and they are very celebrated in the world.Consequently, baseball cardsare designedfeaturing images of famous baseball players and these cards come at an incredible pricesurelyconfuse you.

People all over the world like to collect rare things and materials. Especially wealthy people do not hesitate to spend a large sum of money to collect small, but rare things. This is how there are so many people who collect baseball cards as a hobby. It is worth noting that baseball cards are very precious and valuable.

Baseball cards have different classes and prices. According to these classes and tariffs, the price is high or low.Pre-war and post-war maps in particular are, and can be, valuablemaximumexpensive. Having such remarkable recordsbeen reportedso far in the world for now.

Well, in this article, I am going to tell you about some of the most expensive baseball cards in the world that are becomingsurelysurprise you. Here you are:


Nolan Ryan1968Topps

Preis: 613.000 $

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I begin the article with the note from Nolan Ryan's 1968 Topps Card.Of the 8,000 Nolan Ryan rookie cards, only this particular one achieved 10 Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) grades. The rest of the cards were Class 9.And because of this, this card is enjoying a worldwide market and appreciation.

Also, Nolan Ryan is a 1968 Topps card. It is also very rare and unique. As only a PSA 10 fromnumerousBeginner cards, Nolan Ryan demands a heavy price.

This great cardsoldat auction in August 2016 valued at $613,000. Over time, this card will retain its valuable position.


T206 Sherry Magee (Error) 1909

Preis: 660.000 $

The 11 Most Expensive Baseball Cards (With Pictures) (2)

Sherry Magee was one of baseball's most notable leagues. But he's not popular now because of his career, it's because of his baseball card.

Even in the history of baseball cards, the Sherry Magee Error card is the most controversial and conspicuous. And that's because of his misspelled name on the map.

So, what's up?

Well, the thing is that Sherry Mageeinitiallyspelled his last name as "magic".But before he got his namecorrectSpelled, several cardswere printednow with wrong spelling. And that mistake on the card made it an unusual specimen of baseball cards.Consequently, he has become one of the most outstanding figures in baseball history.

This card is a version of the T206 set. It has received a PSA-8 rating. In September 2018 this worthy cardsoldfor $660,000.


Schuhloser Joe Jackson 1909 American Caramel

Preis: 710.000 $

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Joe Jackson is an infamous American sports hero in baseball history. Hewas banishedfrom the 1919 World Series due to its association with the black box scandal. But his pictured cards are still very valuable. Since there are still quite a few of them, these cards are admirable to buy.

This shoeless card is a rookie card with PSA 8 grade.This is the only example among various American Caramel E90-1 set cards to achieve this rating. So it is one of the most valuable copies of Joe Jackson's baseball cards.

2008 this precious cardsoldonly for $87,000. But over time its course holds up for a long time. 2016 the same cardsoldauctioned for a record $667,149.

Now the price goes even higher. The new estimated price is $710,000.


Topps Pete Rose 1963

Preis: 717.000 $

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Another significant card that received a PSA Grade 10 is the 1963 Pete Rose Topps card. This rare Topps type is one of the most desirable baseball cards in the world.

Pete Rose is more nefarious than Joe Jackson. Hewas banishedfor life of baseball games for being a player and involved in manipulation. Nevertheless he hasis considereda popular baseball champion.

Pete Rose Topps 1963will be shownwith Rose's name and thisis called"The Hit King Rose". In fact, it's the only rookie card among themnumerousversions of this map. That's why it isis calledthe gem mint.

Now the price of this rare card is so expensive. In August 2016 this great cardwas rewarded$717,000 at the Heritage auction.


Bowman Micky Mantel 1951

Preis: $763,00

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Mickey Mantle is one of the most recognized and recognized baseball players in the world. He died at the age of 63 but left many hardcore fans of his.As a tribute to him, his pictorial baseball cards are now widely recognized.

The design of the card is fantastic. Mickey Mantle is ready to hit the ball. This artwork hassignificantlyglorified the greatness of this map.

Mantelis calledthe father of the modern baseball card. His cards are so extraordinary. The reason is that this Bowman Mickey Mantle 1951 card is the only rookie card that exists in the world. This makes this one something very special andmaximumdesirable for hobbyists.

This card received a grade 9 from PSA. In April 2018 this Mantle 1951 Bowmanwas treatedfor $750,000 at the Heritage auction. Now the current price goes for more than that.


T206 Eddie Plank 1909

Preis: 850.000 $

The 11 Most Expensive Baseball Cards (With Pictures) (6)

Eddie Plank 1909 is another T206 set of baseball cards. It has received the PSA 10 rating for its depth. It is also one of the rarest baseball cards in the world. Few of them exist worldwide today. That is why the price goes up.

One of the T206 Eddie Planksold2012 at a record price. The price was $700,000. From then on is the pricegraduallyrising. Now it has surpassed the previous record and is worth $850,000.

But why is this card so valuable andmaximumexpensive?

The reason is still unknown. There is nothing extraordinary or unique about this card. Just a picture of Eddie Plank with an innocent lookis imprintedon the map.

Also this cardwas takenfrom a trivial printing plate. Several cards were also destroyed during crafting and suffered from poor decoration. Nonetheless, the T206 Eddie Plank card is one of thefarcelebrated baseball cards.


Baby Ruth Baltimore News 1914

Preis: 925.000 $

The 11 Most Expensive Baseball Cards (With Pictures) (7)

Possibly, Babe Ruth is the most prominent baseball player in history. 1914 Ruthprofessionallystarted his baseball career. Then he came outsuccessfuland became one of the baseball legends.

Baltimore News is now a PSA Grade 4 card. These cards are pre-rookie. They have different versionsregardingblue and red color.

A picture of Babe Ruthis portrayedon the map. He wears a minor league uniform for the Baltimore Orioles. Seeksimplysober, this standout baseball card is still adorable.

Babe Ruth Baltimore News 1914 is a very unusual card. There are only 10 of this card left worldwide. Although these cards are not in good shape now, their values ​​do not decrease. Rather, the price goes higher than most other baseball cards.

At an auction in 2012, this superb PSA Class 2 card fetched $575,000. Now a version of PSA 4 GradeIt is expectedTobe soldfor more than $925,000. Think the price doubles!!

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Babe Ruth Sports News 1916

Price: $1.3 million

The 11 Most Expensive Baseball Cards (With Pictures) (8)

There's no question that Babe Ruth is back on our list. Because the cards of this legend wereoutrageouswidely famous.

Another card by Ruth, Sporting News 1916, is more expensive and valuable than the Baltimore News 1914. While the previous one is a pre-rookie card, Sporting News is a rookie card.

This card captures young Ruth wearing a Boston Red Sox uniform. The picturewas takenbefore traveling for the New York Yankees.

Babe Ruth Sporting News offers two key phrases as M101-4 and M101-5. But both belong to #151. In fact, it is almost impossible to identify them.

Sporting News M101-5 contains advertising as some companies have advertised on the back of this card. Despite this, there are only a few cards with the indicator, and the rest of the cards have blank backs.

However, a copy of M101-5 with PSA grade 7soldAuctioned for $717,000 in 2016. And this version had no advertising on the back.

Now the price is unpredictable. Whether M101-4 or M101-5, the price is high. With PSA 8 Grade, the estimated price of this card is more than $1.3 million.


T206 Honor Wagner 1909

Price: $3.3 million

The 11 Most Expensive Baseball Cards (With Pictures) (9)

Just a few months ago, the T206 Honus Wagner was the most expensive baseball card in the world. This card has long had the reward of being the most expensive.

In October 2016 this magnificent mapsoldfor a record $3.12 million at the Goldin auction. Back then, it broke its record as the same cardsoldfor $2.8 million in 2007.

However, the reason it's the most coveted baseball card is because the card isextremelyrare and unique.This mapwas produced byAmerican Tobacco Company undwas distributedwith the company's cigarette packs. But Honus pulled the company from issuing cards. The reason why he did this is still unclear.

This made the map very tight. Approximately 50 copies of this versionare leftin the world. This scarcity has made the card a coveted collector's item for the time being.

Honor Wagner T206is recognizedas the holy grail of baseball collectibles. Even himspecifiedif„WillyWonka's Golden Ticket" by some critics.

In addition, this card realized PSA 5 grades. Recently, it surpassed the price of $3.3. As the class grows, what would be the unpredictable price!However, it is very certain that T206 Honus Wagner will always be one of the most expensive and desirable baseball cards in the world.


Mike Trout Superfraktor

Price: $3.93 million

The 11 Most Expensive Baseball Cards (With Pictures) (10)

Mike Trout's Superfractor card broke Honus Wagner's record and became the most expensive baseball card in the world. It had held the number one spot for five months until Mickey Mantle broke the record a few months ago.

Dave Oancea, who is familiar with Vegas, bought this card on eBay in 2018 for $400,000. Back then hewas smiled at byeveryone for the purchase of a small card that spends a large sum of money. But he was true to his foresight. He foresaw that this card would one day break the record for most expensive baseball cards.

Consequently, it is a wonderful thing for Dave Oancea that his prediction came true.In August 2020 at Goldin Auction, during the great pandemic, Dave sold this card forfast$4 million, breaking the previous record.

Mike Trout is a celebrated baseball player of the modern baseball era. Heis viewedas the greatest player of his time. Besides himis calledAngels star Mike Trout for his legendary performance.

His memorabilia, this card is a Bowman Chrome Draft Prospects Superfractor Card made in 2009.This particular card achieved the third-best MINT 9 grade from the Beckett Grading Service. In addition, 2009 Bowman is also a rookie card.

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Most of Mike Trout's cards have his autograph. By the way, Bowman also has this version from 2009been insertedwith his autograph. That is why this contemporary map is so valuable and it will be a historical one.


Topps Micky Mantel 1952

Price: $5.2 million

The 11 Most Expensive Baseball Cards (With Pictures) (11)

And finally, the most expensive baseball card on my list is the Mickey Mantle 1952 Topps. This iconic baseball cardis referencedtoo like the Mona Lisa of the sports card.

Mickey Mantle broke Mike Trout's record to become the world's most valuable baseball card in January 2021. At PWCC Marketplace is this pictorial mapsoldfor $5.2 million.

Rob Gough, famous actor and businessman bought this cardregardingit as the holy grail of sports cards. He isextremelyglad to have the card.

Until now, Micky Mantel 1952 Toppssoldfor $2.8 million in 2018, ranking second to Honus Wagner. Also one of the mapswas cashedfor $1.13 million in 2016.However, now this has overturned all previous records.

Nevertheless, that's the interesting thingfirstthis card did not realize a satisfactory appreciation. Even several copies of this cardwere dumpedWashed into the sea in 1960 due to overproduction. But,graduallyit experiences an appreciation.

Mickey Mantle 1952 Topps, the crown jewel of modern baseball cards, is a high numbered card in this set. It has received class 9 from PSA. Measured by the number, only a few of these cards are available worldwide today.For this reason, these reasons play a role in the overvaluation of this card.

Now look at the list ofThe most expensive baseball cardsat a glance :

11. Nolan Ryan 1968 Topps – 613.000 $

10. T206 Sherry Magee (Error) 1909 – 660,000

9. Schuhloser Joe Jackson 1909 American Caramel – 710.000 $

8. Topps Pete Rose 1963 – 717.000 $

7. Bowman Mickey Mantel 1951 – $763,00

6. T206 Eddie Plank 1909 – 850.000 $

5. Babe Ruth Baltimore News 1914 – 925.000 Dollar

4. Babe Ruth Sporting News 1916 - $1.3 million

3. Honus Wagner 1909-16 - $3.3 million

2. Mike Trout - $3.93 million

1. Topps Mickey Mantle 1952 - $5.2 million

Frequently asked Questions:

❐ Which brand of baseball card is the most valuable?

Because baseball cards are expensive, there are so many brands that make baseball cardslargely. Among them, the most famous are Topps, Upper Deck, Score, Bowman Chrome, Panini, etc.

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But which of them is the most expensive and valuable base card brand?

The answer is relative and contingent.Nevertheless, it canbe saidthat Topps is Chromeprobablythe most valuable baseball card brand in the world because it has itbeen appreciatedmore than any other brand of baseball card.

Before the appearance of Panini, Topps Chromewas consideredthe king of baseball card brands. This great industry has worldwide value and worship. In fact, it will always remain one of the classic baseball card brands in history.

Topps has received the MLB license order to manufacture baseball cards.Accordingly, it has released several classic maps thatare listedin our article titled The World's Most Expensive Baseball Cards.1952 Topps Mickey Mantle, 1968 Topps Nolan Ryan and 2011 Topps Mike Trout hold the sacred glory and signature of the grandiose Topps brand.

❐ What is the rarest baseball card in the world?

Out of countless copies of baseball cards, some cards are difficult to find and collect. Some of these iconic cards are very rare and there are only a few copies around the world.

In this case, the rarest baseball card is the T206 Joe Doyle N.Y. NAT'L Error card. Itis believedthat very few of these maps are available. even the number can be less than 10.

This T206 chart is an error chart by Joe Doyle. The thing is the wrong conjunction of N.Y. NAT'L after Joe Doyle's name. This error was highlighted early in production. So nobody knows how many copies of this version there arewere printed.

This error version was also only known in the 1980s. After the map was discovered, it was searched forfar. Well, this is the rarest baseball card as fewer than 10 existed.

This unusual cardsoldfor $550,000 at auction for its value.

❐ What is the best selling baseball card?

The Mickey Mantle Topps card is the best selling baseball card in the world. In January 2021, this card from the 1952 setsoldfor the highest $5.2 million. This historic award broke all previous records in baseball history.

This card hasbeen recordedon the list of the most expensive baseball cards. So take a look at “No. 1" for more information.

❐ Which baseball cards from the 80's and 90's are worth money?

Since the 80's, baseball card collecting has become a popular and popular hobby for hobbyists. Because of this, baseball cards of the 1980s gained paramount value. Today, baseball cards from the 1980s and 1990s abound around the world.

Among them, Topps Traded Tiffany Barrie Bonds 1986 is one of the top rated baseball cards. Esis estimatedup to $25,000, acknowledging its value.

Another Topps card, Frank Thomas No Name on Front 1990, is a valuable baseball card from the 1990's. This error card hasbeen appreciated maximumthat its price is more than 20,000 dollars.

Ken Griffey Jr. Upper Deck RC 1989 is also one of those valuable baseball cards that are worth their money. Itis viewedas an iconic baseball card indeed. This card claims $2500.

In addition to these cards, some other cards are also worth money.Darunter 1980 Topps Rickey Henderson, 1984 Donruss DonMattierendRookie RC, 1985 Topps Tiffany Mark McGwire, 1987 Leaf Greg Maddux Rookie RC, 1989 Bill Ripken Fleer F-FACE etc. are the remarkable 80's and 90's baseball cards worth their money.

Final Thoughts :

It's an established truth that baseball cards are a wonderful item to collect. Over time, these cards will become more artisticfarappreciated andultimatelyevaluated. These cards are so valuable and collectible for the sophisticated hobbyist. Therefore, their price is increasing day by day.

However, there are so many crazy fans who don't hesitate to buy the tickets and spend big money for it. There are various examples of this. From them we have recruited 11 of the most expensive baseball cards in the world in the article.Hopefully, it will help you know the pros and cons and let you choose the ideal one you like.

The 11 Most Expensive Baseball Cards (With Pictures) (12)

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