The Best Beer at Costco (Enthusiast's Craft Beer Shopping List!) (2023)

As the 5th largest retailer in the world, you'll find lots of different things in bulk at Costco, including beer — even local craft beers. So, what beers should you take to your next Costco run?

A Costco membership gives you access to more than just house brand products. Among other things, you can buy a wide range of beers. While options vary by region, many Costco locations offer popular beers from well-known craft breweries, including New Glarus, Sierra Nevada, and Rogue. Look for local deals at your local Costco.

While there is a wide variety of great craft beers in the world, not all are stocked by Costco. Below are some of the best craft beers at Costco to give you a good idea of ​​what you might find.

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The best beers at Costco

Costco is a great place to get wholesale prices on just about anything you could want. Most of the time, my desires include beer, so it's a good thing Costco offers beer, too.

Unfortunately, the selection is often rather limited. It also varies by location, so a standard on my Costco shopping list may not be sold at your place. Be sure to check with your local Costco for available beers.

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Still, you can find some great craft beers at Costco. I've compiled a list of the best craft beers available at Costco, although I haven't included selections from Kirkland's signature line.

Here are the best craft beers available at Costco:

  • Pale Ale from Sierra Nevada
  • Samuel Adams Boston Lager
  • Belching Beaver Peanut Butter Milk Stout
  • Maui brews pineapple mana wheat
  • New Glarus Raspberry Tart
  • Sierra Nevada Hazy little thing
  • Two Brother’s Ebel’s Weiss
  • Summit Brewing Oatmeal Stout
  • Pizza Port California Honig
  • Rogue Hazel Nectar

Pale Ale from Sierra Nevada

  • Style:American Pale Ale
  • Marke:Sierra Nevada Brewing Company
  • Out of:Chico, California
  • ABV:5,6 %
  • Taste good:This beer is known for its notes of citrus, pine and some caramel. The hop bitterness is present but not overpowering.
  • Why you should try it:Anyone who knows its craft beer history will recognize this beer. If you don't, you can sniff history with this American Pale Ale. This beer helped spark American craft beer brewing and is credited with creating the APA style.

Want to know what other pale ales to drink in 2022?Check out this article.

Samuel Adams Boston Lager

  • Style:Wiener Bernstein Lager
  • Marke:Samuel Adams Boston Brewing
  • Out of:Boston, Massachusetts
  • ABV:5%
  • Taste good:This lager is a bit more bouncy in style than others. The taste brings malty breadiness with some caramel and toffee. The Hallertau and Tettnanger hops add some spice so the malt doesn't overpower.
  • Why you should try it:Samuel Adams is a popular brewery for good reason. Her Boston camp is a great example of the style. It's a great beer for any meal or even just for a night out. This beer and its handpicked ingredients will not disappoint.

Don't you know the ever-popular Sam Adams Boston Lager?Check out this articleto find out why you should try it!

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Belching Beaver Peanut Butter Milk Stout

  • Style:Sweet/milk stout
  • Marke:Belching beaver
  • Out of:San Diego, California
  • ABV:5,3 %
  • Taste good:The primary flavor notes in this beer are peanut butter and toasted grains. They are supported by some hints of coffee aromas. These flavors develop into a sweet chocolate finish.
  • Why you should try it:Milk stouts like this are perfect for an after dinner drink. It is very aromatic yet easy to drink. Choose this beer from Belching Beaver if you want something different to shake it up.

Maui brews pineapple mana wheat

  • Style:American light wheat
  • Marke:Maui Brewing Company
  • Out of:Kihei, Hawaii
  • ABV:5,5 %
  • Taste good:Like the Maui pineapple it is named after, this beer is sweet with notes of tropical fruit, wheat and some acidity. Overall, the descent is smooth and refreshing.
  • Why you should try it:The Maui Brewing Company captured Maui in a bottle with this brew. If you need a taste of Hawaii, this is the beer for you. This simple beer will make you think of golden sands.

New Glarus Raspberry Tart

  • Style:fruit beer
  • Marke:New Glarner brewery company
  • Out of:New Glarus, Wisconsin
  • ABV:4%
  • Taste good:It should come as no surprise that the main flavor of this beer is raspberry. It's sweet with some contrasting acidity. From start to finish you will taste Oregon raspberry juice.
  • Why you should try it:This beer from New Glarus Brewing is easily the most unique beer on this list. There is no better way to describe it other than alcoholic raspberry juice. It's light and refreshing.

Sierra Nevada Hazy little thing

  • Style:New England India Pale Ale
  • Marke:Sierra Nevada Brows
  • Out of:Chico, California
  • ABV:6,7 %
  • Taste good:This Hazy Little Thing opens with some tropical fruit that develops into hop bitterness at 35 IBUs. There is also a gentle maltiness to balance the fruitiness. This beer ends softly with some yeast aromas.
  • Why you should try it:If you're not a fan of IPAs, this Hazy Little Thing will do its best to change your mind. It's endlessly drinkable while still scratching that IPA itch. IPA lovers will also enjoy this beer for its juicy hops.

Do you like Hazy Little Thing and want to try more of it? CashThis articlefor the best New England IPAs to drink in 2022.

Two Brother’s Ebel’s Weiss

  • Style:Hefeweizen
  • Marke:Brewery of the two brothers
  • Out of:Warrenville, Illinois
  • ABV:4,9 %
  • Taste good:Like any good Hefeweizen, this beer has notes of banana and clove. It also brings vanilla, some malt sweetness and lemon into play. The malt presence is a soft wheat.
  • Why you should try it:Ebel's Weiss is a tasty Illinois homage to German Hefeweizen. It's a tasty beer for every occasion. Choose this beer if you are looking for a nice beer to sit down with.

Summit Brewing Oatmeal Stout

  • Style:Oatmeal Stout
  • Marke:Summit Brewing Company
  • Out of:St. Paul, Minnesota
  • ABV:5%
  • Taste good:Brewed with 2 row pale, caramel, crystal and of course oats, this is a dark sweet ale. The primary flavor notes are oats, caramel, chocolate and roasted malt. It has a full creamy body.
  • Why you should try it:You'll be hard pressed to find a smoother, creamier beer than this oatmeal stout. This Minnesota beer is perfect for taking your time and savoring every sip.

Pizza Port California Honig

  • Style:Blondes Ale
  • Marke:Pizza port brewing
  • Out of:Solana Beach, California
  • ABV:4,8 %
  • Taste good:This blonde ale is made with locally sourced California honey to give it a touch of extra sweetness. Despite the addition of honey, this beer is not too sweet. It tastes of honey, some fruitiness and a light breadiness.
  • Why you should try it:While a simple brew, California Honey is a balanced blonde ale. It goes well with almost everything. It goes particularly well with pizza.

Rogue Hazel Nectar

  • Style:Malt beer
  • Marke:Villain Ales
  • Out of:Newport, Oregon
  • ABV:5,6 %
  • Taste good:Made with lots of fermentables and additives, including coffee and hazelnut extract, this beer is a great brown ale with nutty complexity. Its main flavor notes are hazelnut, toasted malt, hints of sweetness and toffee.
  • Why you should try it:This Brown Nectar is a great full-bodied beer for those who want a nice blend of sweetness and bitterness. The addition of hazelnut takes your standard brew and adds delightful depth.

related questions

Does Costco sell individual beers?

Costco does not sell beers individually. The wholesaler sells beer in packs of different sizes. Some packs are as large as 36 beers.

If you're on a quick beer run and just looking for a few beers, Costco isn't the place for you.

Does Costco sell variety packs?

You can buy a variety of beer packs at Costco. The beers in the variety packs usually all come from the same brewery.

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Packs available at your local Costco vary depending on what beers they stock.

Does Costco Ever Have Beer Sales?

Costco is known for having low prices for a variety of reasons. Discounts on beer would be a great addition to that reputation.

Not only are Costco's beer prices lower than other retailers, but they occasionally have special offers. The beers on sale have an asterisk on the label indicating the reduced price.

Is Costco's Kirkland Beer Good?

Taste is very subjective, but Costco's Kirkland beers are considered average. Because they are brewed by different breweries on the east and west coasts, you can taste a few variations.

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However, Kirkland Pale Ale was considered terrible to the point that it wasdiscontinued. This hasn't happened to the other Kirkland beers, which speaks for itself.


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