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For casual gamers, the UI might not be something you pay much attention to. Now you might be wondering why you would even want a mod for something as simple as the UI.

Once you notice it, you'll be surprised at how much the UI actually impacts your overall experience with any game.

When you play around in Minecraft, just ask yourself - is the game pointing me in the right direction? Do I have the information I need to move forward? The GUI can be so powerful without realizing it.

Luckily, Minecraft modders have found all sorts of ways to improve this over the years. So let's dive in and find something that will vastly improve the way you play Minecraft.

15.Cosmetic armor reworked

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I'm sure we all have preferences when it comes to the looks of our characters.

As more and more games offer extensive character creation options, the possibilities are endless.

While this might not be such a big deal in Minecraft, this simple mod allows for at least a small amount of customization.

The Cosmetic Armor Reworked mod allows you to wear an additional set of armor solely for its looks. Want to keep all the stat benefits of the Chain Mail set but hate the looks? Put your Diamond set on top and you're good to go!


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VanillaFix is ​​a huge mod that fixes numerous bugs and improves performance in vanilla Minecraft.

It claims to improve performance to the point where you'll double or even triple your FPS, which should be of great help to gamers with lower-end PC setups.

However, the biggest feature is probably how it fixes game crashes.

As you delve into the world of user-created content, you are bound to come across buggy mods. Whether you're running something that hasn't been extensively tested or trying something that your PC just can't handle, this mod can definitely save you a lot of time.

In the event of a crash, VanillaFix will not close the entire game, just the current world and take you back to the main menu. And you can learn which specific mod caused the crash and even get a copy-paste crash report that can be easily sent to the modder. Pretty!

13.inventory sorter

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Once you've accumulated large amounts of resources, inventory management can become quite challenging.

Inventory is one of the simpler Quality of Life mods that helps with this exact problem.

The controls are very easy to use. A quick middle click in your inventory sorts items and groups them by type.

You can also scroll through sets by rotating the middle mouse wheel to select a specific number from stacks of items.

12.Intelligent HUD

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If you feel like the hotbar isn't enough, or you just want to avoid having to keep digging through your inventory for important items, consider installing Smart HUD.

For items you want to keep close at hand, Smart HUD adds two additional item slots to the right of your hotbar.

Although originally intended specifically for the clock and compass, the slots arefully customizable.

Change items at any time to better suit your playstyle, and avoid having to rummage through your inventory with your most important items at arm's length.

11.Durability Show

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I'm sure every Minecraft player will find this one useful.

Whether you play PvP or Survival, you will find uses for the Durability Show mod.

With a simple press of a button, this adds a meter to the bottom right of your screen showing the durability levels of your equipped tools and armor.

Durability information is separate for each individual armor and tool slot. A quick glance is enough to see if a helmet, chest plate, leggings or boots will need to be replaced any time soon.

And that's just as useful in miningin survival mode, since you want to know how long this pickaxe will last.

10.waste paper bin

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Some may think TrashSlot is too much cheat.

But it is definitely a useful mod.

It simply creates an extra space in your article screen for the trash.

Worried about accidentally throwing something valuable? Worry no more because modder BlayTheNinth has already thought of that.

Items placed in the trash bin will not be destroyed until another item is placed on top.

There's even a bunch of useful keyboard shortcuts that will help you clean up your inventory much faster. You can easily click to get rid of a specific item, or even delete all items of the same type at once.

9.Full Screen with Window (Borderless)

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Almost all modern games have a borderless window option in the graphics menu.

With older games, this usually has to be enforced with external software.

Like Minecraft, this mod allows the game to be run in a borderless, full-screen window, giving you the benefits of running the game in normal windowed mode but without the awkward black border around the game.

Since modern PCs are usually powerful enough to juggle Minecraft alongside other applications, many gamers prefer to run in windowed mode to make multitasking easier.

This is also a great help for streamers and content creators as it allows for smoother switching between apps and allows for maximizing multiple monitors without interrupting gameplay.


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Based on WoW's Tidy Plate mod, the Neat mod adds nameplates over all units in the game.

As if that wasn't helpful enough, a great additional feature of Neat is how customizable it is.

You can change the appearance of the nameplates or choose whether or not they appear over certain unit types such as bosses or players. You can even change the information displayed on each one to include details like HP, HP%, and Armor.

If you enable Neat for just a few minutes, you'll immediately appreciate the thought behind it. Health bars change from green to yellow to red depending on the units' condition, and nameplates will not appear if the units are not visible or are behind other blocks.


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Minecraft players who have explored various mods know the pain of keybind conflicts.

With multiple mods enabled, each with its own set of shortcut keys. You will get into conflict sooner than later.

The Controlling mod can save you the time and hassle of going through all your keybindingstwo simple functionswhich it adds to your control menu.

This allows you to quickly search for keybinding actions by name. It also adds a button to quickly view all actions with conflicting key combinations. just right?

Instead of spending too much time cleaning up messy controls, you can now start playing right away!

6.Crafting Optimizations

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Another simple quality of life mod that will make your Minecraft experience much smoother.

Crafting Tweaks will help you craft much faster by adding 3 buttons to many crafting tables in the game.

Avoid the hassle of back and forth to get the quantities just right with crafting tweaks. With a simple click, you can rotate materials within the crafting grid, balance material amounts, or erase the grid entirely.

Aside from these controls, there are additional options that allow you to quickly add elements instead of dragging them, quickly create full stacks, and compress or decompress blocks.

The overall simplicity makes crafting tweaks something you'll always want to play with once you try it. skin

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A great addition, especially if you're playing in survival mode, AppleSkin modifies your HUD's hunger bar.

By providing additional information with easy-to-understand animations, managing hunger in Minecraft has never been easier.

Tooltips now show the value offood, making it easier to decide what to eat in any situation.

AppleSkin also adds visualizations of how much of the bar is replenished by certain foods, along with the length of time that particular food lasts before needing to be eaten again.

Just a great mod. Help stay alive and survive.


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Have you ever died to enemy mobs because you accidentally cut through the glass instead of that zombie?

I mean, what kind of weed can even serve as a shield.

If it could mean the difference between life and death, SwingThroughGlass is definitely worth buying.

It basically allows you to attack enemies through any blocks you can go through.

Grass, flowers and webs will no longer work to the advantage of your enemies as you can get rid of these mobs and fight another day.

3.What is this slot?

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Especially helpful when playing through different mod packs, What's That Slot does exactly what it says on the tin.

When you come across new types of blocks, you no longer have to wonder which items go where.

A simple key combination opens a new menu that shows all items that can be used in a specific slot.

This could save you a lot of time. Especially when you're playing with a mod for the first time and you come across unfamiliar blocks, you're not quite sure how to use them.

2.Just Enough Article (JEI)

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Unlike What's That Slot, with the sheer amount of items in your inventory, it's easy to forget to craft recipes.

Just Enough Items is a simple mod full of useful block building features.

The menu is easy to use and allows you to search for each block and immediately show you the necessary items you need to craft them.

You will also get additional information like usages as well as color options for each block.


Top 15 Best Minecraft UI Mods (All Free) - FandomSpot (15)

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In addition to addressing keybind conflicts, MineMenu could completely transform the way you play Minecraft.

This mod gives you a modern radial menu at the touch of a button.

Used by many modern games like GTA, The Last of Us, and Assassin's Creed, it's a quick and easy way to make your gameplay much smoother.

The radial menu consists of 10 buttons. And the great thing is that each slot is fully customizable.

You can assign any action, keyboard shortcut, or creative function. It's basically like having 10 custom macros compressed into one short keystroke.


What mods does Aphmau use? ›

  • Better Foliage makes the game crash.
  • Electroblob's Wizardry.
  • Decocraft (for decorations)
  • MrCrayfish's Furniture (for furniture)
  • Optifine (for shaders and better fps)
  • More Player Models.
  • Custom NPCs.
  • Mo' Creatures.

What Minecraft mod gives you guns? ›

#1 - Modern Warfare Mod

The Modern Warfare Mod is an extremely detailed mod that adds a countless number of guns to Minecraft. Each weapon is modeled exceptionally well, almost looking precisely like real guns.

Is there a god mod in Minecraft? ›

Adds very cool items with special abilities and awesome armor including a jet pack. Customization is a huge part in this mod from ore gen rarity to how many ores spawn at once, to the max number of uses an item gets.

Are there free mods? ›

Many mods are free and range in scope from smaller changes here or there to entirely new items, characters, maps, or missions. Other mods may add expansive community-created content equaling hours of new gameplay and storyline, or even an entirely new game built from the ground up.

Is Aphmau appropriate for 11 year olds? ›

Multi-Purpose: Our Aphmau toys are suitable for all ages who are in a bad mood or have work stress.

Is Noi a boy or girl in Aphmau? ›

In Aphmau's Regular Content

Noi is typically a farmboy on the server, raising animals and crops. He frequently has a sweet tooth for cookies and names his animals after food dishes. He tends to be friendly, naive, and a bit anxious, and he appears to show feelings for Kim.

How do you hug in Minecraft? ›

Instead of hitting, as if you were placing a block, you would end up hugging that player. Now there may be some speculation about space. They both must agree on hugging. So... they both press the button to place a block on each other, only it results in a friendly hug.

What is the number 1 mod in Minecraft? ›

Optifine is the most popular Minecraft mod in existence. It drastically increases the number of customisation options for Minecraft's graphics and rendering, making Mojang's notoriously un-optimised behemoth of a game surprisingly performant.

Can Minecraft have guns? ›

You can't craft a gun that you can hold in the regular version of Minecraft. You'll need to find and install special mods in order to create and use guns in the game. This will not be possible on the console or mobile versions of the game.

What is a god weapon in Minecraft? ›

God weapons are the most powerful weapons in Minecraft! Check out all the different weapons with this amazing mansion. - Tons of god weapons - Great with friends! Open up the Marketplace on your Minecrafting device and download.

Is there a mod for Minecraft for free? ›

Mods are widely available and free, so finding and installing good ones can be complicated. The newer version is simply called Minecraft. It's available on Windows 10, Xbox One, mobile phones and tablets, and other platforms.

Where can I download Minecraft mods for free? ›

Where to Download Minecraft Mods? While there are multiple ways to download Minecraft mods, one of the most convenient is something called Minecraft Forge. Minecraft Forge is a free server that allows anyone to easily download and install mods into their Minecraft game.

Is modded Minecraft free? ›

Minecraft mods for the java edition of minecraft do not cost money. There are a ton of mods you can get; just search it up, download the jar file, and drag it to the . minecraft/mods folder.

Can you make Minecraft mods for free? ›

Getting Started With MCreator

Advertised as "The Best Minecraft Mod Maker Ever," MCreator is a free tool for making your own Minecraft mods. You don't have to write any code---although you can if you'd prefer to.

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