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Important Note: The server must be stopped/restarted for these changes to take effect.

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You have to editgame.inito add server admins


Under the[/Script/PathOfTitans.IGameSession]In the header, enter your administrators' Alderon Games ID (AGID), one player per line. You can add additional rows to enable more than one administrator at a time. To remove an admin, simply remove the line with their AGID.

TIP: You can use inline comments (with a semicolon) to add notes about admins for better organization.

Example Game.ini

[/Script/PathOfTitans.IGameSession]ServerAdmins=048-236-424;Best friends of KangarooBoing88ServerAdmins=123-456-789ServerAdmins=543-226-532

You can also add and remove server admins using the in-game chat commands "Promote" or "Demote". This can be used while your server is running.More information here.

/promote <user> <admin role>

Example:Promote /Jiggy Dinomaster
Promotes the player to the specified admin role.

/demotion <user>

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Example:/ Demote Jiggy
Removes all admin roles from this player.

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